March 27, 2017

Every person who is in a place of influence is in a place of accountability. For those who didn’t understand the first sentence. Everyone is accountable, because everyone is a person of influence. When you come to that realization you then must deal with the issue of honesty and integrity. What will you do with the power of influence you possess? What will be the intention and motivation which will drive what you do in terms of the how you will use it?

While techniques are important in this process, the quality of your character will determine the steps in your process. What you are prepared to acknowledge (information or proof), in the process to activating someone’s response (a yes or no) to what you offer, on the way to achieving a result (the goal intended), testifies to the reality of who you really are.

The art of persuasion, getting people to say yes to what it is you have to offer, is in the words of Joel Bauer, “Very doable, . . . no matter what your situation – that is, if you don’t let your fears get the best of you.”

Those who would oppose the use of persuasion as a method of influence need to deal with the reality, it is a part of life. The Apostle Paul wrote a letter to Philemon. It is a small book in the New Testament which I encourage you to look up and read. It concerns a run away slave Paul met named Onesimus who had previously been owned by Philemon. The Apostle saw great potential in this slave as a person of great influence for the Kingdom of God. He used persuasion as a means to influence Philemon to make the right decision in setting Onesimus free so he could be a greater influence for the Kingdom of God.

There are historical accounts of Onesimus becoming very useful and not just to Paul and Philemon. Onesimus later came to be known as Onesimus of Byzantium and The Holy Apostle Onesimus in some of the Eastern Orthodox churches. He was also referred to as Ignatius of Antioch and Bishop in Ephesus.

Utilizing the rule of accountability and integrity to the application of persuasion and influence must never be ignored or abandoned. We daily face the challenge of appropriate response in the journey of life. May you choose wisely in what you do.

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