September 9, 2019

Look for the Gold in the Midst of Challenges!

There has been a lapse in my writing of my daily blog articles as I have had a challenging time with my health in recent days. I hand wrote a number of articles while in the hospital and as I still work on the process of healing I will share these articles as I begin again. Today’s article is from day one of my latest hospital stay.

Sunday was a very challenging day. The trip to the hospital took loner than expected due to road closures in Toronto. I was twelve hours in emergency before being transferred to a room for my ongoing stay. I had nothing to eat until about seven p.m. When my wife picked me up a submarine sandwich. It was very much appreciated.

The process of three attempts to insert a catheter were certainly not pleasant. The prayers and support of those who knew what was happening were very much appreciated.

Despite all the challenges there were moments of gold and I want to acknowledge them. When I was taken into emergency I was placed in a room at the end of a hall and was the furthest bed from the door. The halls were lined with patients on cots who spent most of the day in the halls. I was blessed to have a quiet room away from all the noise and bustle in the hall.

When I was being taken to my room about 11:30 p.m. I noticed the transfer person pushed the top floor button on the elevator. I joked I was being taken to the penthouse. Once in my room I was placed in the bed by the window and had a wonderful view of the night lights of the city from my penthouse perch. The daylight view was less enchanting, but still with much activity and interesting things to view.

Look for the positive even when facing challenging moment in your life. It does help. Also remember Jesus has promised to never leave or abandon us in those challenges.