May 31, 2018

I was rereading portions of Dr. David Hawkin’s book, Power vs Force and came across an enlightening portion. Dr. Hawkins was writing about a chart called, “The Map of Consciousness.” The calibrated levels in the chart “relate with specific processes of consciousness – emotions, perceptions or attitudes, world views and spiritual beliefs.”

Dr. Hawkins goes on to write, “Contemplation of the Map of Consciousness can, for instance, transform one’s understanding of causality. As perception itself evolves with one’s level of consciousness, it becomes apparent that what the world calls the domain of causes is in fact the domain of effects. By taking responsibility for the consequences of their own perceptions, observers can transcend the role of victim to an understanding that ‘nothing out there has power over you.’ It’s not life’s events, but how one reacts to them and the attitude that one has about them, which determine whether the events have a positive or negative effect on one’s life, whether they are experienced as opportunity or as stress.”

The SEE Method of Living builds upon a foundation of personal accountability and responsibility in Step One. Transformational freedom and expression is a choice you accept or reject. What you think, believe, say and intend will determine your actions creating an energetic awareness level from which you will both view and live your life. If you do not like what you see, SHIFT your mindset so you can ELEVATE your energetic awareness.

In so doing, you potentially provide the opportunity to ENHANCE the quality of your life. What would your life look like if that was your reality? If it is something you desire, make it happen!

May 30, 2018

I was reading recently in Robert B. Cialdini’s book, Influence: the Psychology of Persuasion about the influence of group response versus individual response when there is a situation where someone is in need. When you multiply the number of potential responders, or helpers, you actually reduce the chance that anyone will respond.

Yesterday I was loading groceries into my car when I looked up to see and elderly woman fall face down in the parking lot. I was immediately running in her direction when I thought, “I guess this is an individual response moment.” By the time I reached her she had rolled onto her back. Her lip was bleeding, her nose scraped and she was disoriented. Two other woman arrived soon after and I ran to the pharmacy where she had just come from to get help.

The pharmacist offered aid until the ambulance arrived to address the woman’s situation at a greater level. I was glad there were people to offer immediate help in her time of need.

At the beginning of each new day we can have plans and goals that we desire to achieve, yet we never know if something unexpected may bring an abrupt change in our life, not just to a single day, but beyond into the future.

As I was sitting on the deck writing this article, my wife came out to tell me what she had just heard from a telephone conversation. Someone we know has developed a serious health challenge. They are not telling anyone what is going on at this point, including their family.

Live each day to the full with gratitude and thanksgiving, because you never know what the future holds. When you choose to say YES to the relationship with God through Jesus, the Messiah, you can be sure you will not go into the future alone.

May 29, 2018

Yesterday morning I had the privilege and opportunity to make a presentation on some practical aspects of The SEE Method of Living. Later in the day I began to think about the interconnectedness and interdependency of the three key steps to the system. It was in that moment I realized, in a new way, there is One who is much smarter than I am who created and brought this system into being. I am simply a conduit through which it has been revealed.

I now understand why I resonated so powerfully, having an AHA moment, when it was if the pieces almost magically appeared.

As I continue to work with the three steps and the components, their increasing levels of depth and connection to universal truth keep unfolding and revealing themselves. I truly had no idea in the beginning how powerful and all inclusive the gift I had been given really was. In fact I likely still have no idea how much more is still to be revealed.

In this moment I am acutely aware of the fact, to whom much is given, much is also required. I am accountable to implement and use the tools and processes that have come into my life for specific reasons. The opportunity to receive specialized training through the mentors who appeared in my life was no accident. Their insights, gifts and experiences, which they shared, were part of a plan that is greater than the sum of each one of us individually.

As I sit on the deck swing, hand writing the original copy of this article, I am aware of the Divine Source that is guiding the flow of words the pen is writing.

The SEE Method of Living is more than a system. It is more than the grouping of practical and beneficial ideas. At its core and in every nuance of its expression, it is a revealing of a way of life and living that is not new, but universally continuously relevant to Truth.

It is connected to the Source of all Truth as inspired and revealed in the past. For those who need clarification, it does not replace the Word of God as manifested in what is identified as The Holy Bible.

The SEE Method of Living is purposed to allow for the universal principles of truth instituted by the Creator of all, to find application and relevancy in the world in which we live today. As a result, individuals may know the benefits and blessings of saying YES to the relationship with the One to whom all power and authority in heaven and on earth is given.

I encourage you to SEE for yourself, what is being revealed for you through The SEE Method of Living.

May 28, 2018

I was sitting in front of my computer recently when the screen saver kicked in. The computer is programmed to randomly access the various picture files on the hard drive. In the 3 minute presentation I journeyed back in time almost 25 years. I have no idea where many of the pictures are located on my computer, but I experienced family gatherings, church events, connections with the pets who were part of our lives, various seasons of the year and a whole lot more. It was an emotionally engaging period of time as a brief window into the past.

In some ways it was an opportunity to relive the moment, to reflect not only on what was, but to think about what might have been different if different choices had been made. Hindsight might provide a selection of other options, but we must move forward based on what we did chose.

What we think, believe, say and intend now, impacts our actions which creates our future reality. This brief experience was a reminder to chose wisely.

The process of The SEE Method of Living is a road map to guide us in our journey. The underlying universal principles are designed to Shift our mindset so we can achieve transformational freedom and expression, Elevate our energetic awareness for the full deployment of our inherent potential and Enhance the quality of our life so we can leave a lasting, positive legacy.

It is never too late to make a difference in the rest of your life.

May 27, 2018

I was quickly running through a list of emails I had received recently, highlighting and deleting without opening, as I often do. Personal emails, church emails, emails for my wife’s business and much more flow through my computer, where I sort, sift, separate, and more often than not delete. Every so often I go through and unsubscribe to a bunch of the email lists that come in. I think it is getting close to the time where I need to take this action again,

As I hit the delete button on a particular marketing email, the subject line had enough of an impact that I went into the deleted file to open it to see what it contained. The line that caught my attention read, “Here’s What I’d Do if I only Had $1,000 Left to My Name…” When I opened the email there was a long form sales letter explaining the sender’s marketing strategy for making money quickly. While his tag line briefly hooked me to take a peek, long sales letters, shut me down and turn me off. There might be a really good idea or opportunity in such a letter, but if it comes in the long letter style, you just lost the opportunity. Maybe it is just me who resists such an approach, because there seem to be a lot of marketers who use this method as a means to entice people to make a decision about what they offer.

I received a marketing phone call from a bank the other night. I was not interested in taking the time to listen to the pitch as it was an inconvenient time. I was polite, but said so. The person on the other end of the line was both pleasant and responsive and thanked me for my time. There was no attempt to push through and I got off the phone feeling far more responsive towards a call back should it come in the future as a result of how the caller responded to me.

Intentions are important in how we connect with people. Our intentions do manifest as to whether someone has a positive experience with us or not. There is great power in the process of influence and if our motives are not on the side of honesty and integrity, there may be some short term gain, but it will ultimately lead to long term pain.

Remember, we are all in the marketing business, whether it is in getting our children to do their homework, eat properly, or dealing with people we work with. If you are seeking to influence someone you are marketing and you would be wise to learn how to do it both effectively and with high moral integrity. This includes the influence of people as it relates to the spiritual realm.

Remember, deliberate, self serving, manipulation does no one any good.