July 31, 2016

In Psalm 32:8 the Psalmist records the words, “I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.” Theses are words reflecting the work of God in our lives. Instruction, teaching and counsel are valuable to people who don’t know what they don’t know and for those who know they don’t know what they need to know. When we are honest, that includes each one of us. As soon as we think we know it all, our teachablity index drops to zero and guess what? We just included our self in the group who doesn’t know what we don’t know.

It would be good to ask the question, “how teachable am I in reference to God’s instruction, teaching and counsel? For those who have been exposed to the information in reference to the power we have, being made in the image of God and the authority we have “in Christ,” wisdom calls to our attention to remember we are accountable stewards to the One who created us and opened the eyes of our hearts to what we know and how we ought to live as a result. To whom much is given much is also required.

In terms of instruction, teaching and counsel, it is our responsibility to first apply (instruct, teach and counsel) the principles of truth we know to ourselves, moving towards unconscious competence. This is for our own benefit, but not solely for our own benefit. The reason we have been given the opportunity to learn, understand and apply what we have been given is so we can then instruct, teach and counsel others along the path of life. In recognizing this gift you have been given and applying it to your daily life, you open yourself up to the possibility of truly living to your full potential.

July 30, 2016

I have repeatedly said in the past, “Your thoughts, beliefs, words and heart intentions matter, because they impact your actions which determine the outcomes in your life.” It was many years ago when I first heard Kevin Trudeau make the comment about coming to the place where our beliefs and our faith reach a place of excited knowingness. It is like Christmas is coming and what you are expecting to receive on Christmas Day is already sitting under the tree.

I had the opportunity to experience again the sense of expectation and excitement this week in relation to something I knew was coming. What is interesting is, a couple of weeks ago this was just a pipe dream. From where I was standing, at that time, this was not on my radar screen and I could not see how it ever could be.

When I made a choice to give it some thought, then went through the 6 step “One Command”® process in regards to believing that once it was established in the quantum field it would find its way into the physical realm, I simply left it in the hands of God. It was not long after from out of the blue, not really a coincidence, I had a series of “what if” potentiality thoughts present themselves. Within a matter of a couple of days those “what if” potentialities had firmed up and were on my radar screen. What followed was a series of events which left me in the position of knowing the present was under the tree and I just needed to wait for the day of present opening to arrive. I had the opportunity to know the excitement and thrill of anticipation until the day arrived. Today, was the day! What opened up for me with the green light of opening the package was the discovery there is still more excitement and anticipation yet to come in the complete fulfilment that which is yet to be. How exciting is that!

We are responsible for our thoughts, beliefs, words and heart intentions. We cannot blame anyone else. We can rejoice and be thankful and grateful for the Holy Spirit’s guidance and help in making faith based decisions which move us along the path towards living our life to its full potential. Why not make a decision to exercise your thoughts and faith to bring what you are dreaming about into your physical reality?

July 29, 2016

I came across a book in a second hand store a while back with a 25 cent sticker on it so, I bought it. The cover said it was a #1 Nationwide Best Seller. The title of the Book is, “In Search of Excellence: Lessons from America’s Best-Run Companies.’ It was co-authored by Thomas J. Peters and Robert H. Waterman, Jr. I pulled it off the shelf and browsed through it discovering it was full of short stories illustrating various aspects of excellence and the difference it makes in business.

We know the powerful positive effect of “feel good now.” Scriptures call for a cheerful heart because of its valuable benefits in so many ways. I personally was significantly impacted back in 2010, the year I was introduced to and encouraged to practice this important ingredient for success. This was the year that both my father and my father-in-law died. I remember in those days repeatedly encouraging myself to turn sadness into gladness and sorrow into joy. For me, it was a reminder of the fact, the joy of the Lord is my strength. I knew that it would not be helpful to myself, or anyone else, if every time someone met me I was vibrating a negative or unhappy feeling. There are so many different benefits to living from a place where we have developed the habit and character of feeling and being TERRIFIC!

The authors in the above book I mentioned tell of a small company which produced titanium products. For years its performance was substandard. There was low productivity and profits for a number of years. Things changed when “Big Jim” Daniell, a former professional football player and ex-captain of the Cleveland Browns was hired as Chief Executive Officer of the Company. The “Wall Street Journal” described Jim as, “Pure corn – a mixture of schmaltzy sloganeering, communication, and a smile at every turn.” He had signs placed all over the plants with sayings like, “If you see a man without a smile, give him one of yours,” or, “People rarely succeed unless they enjoy it.” All the signs were signed by “Big Jim.”

The story of the successful comeback of the company was not much more complicated than that. The company’s logo was a smile-face. It was on the stationary, the signs in the factories, the hard hats the workers wore. “Big Jim” spent a significant amount of time on the factory floor talking and joking with the workers and getting to know them by name.

The result, with virtually no increase of investment money the company saw productivity increase and remain 80% higher than it had been. The workers were significantly more happy with union grievances dropping from 300 to about 20.

The power to change a person’s day around from being negative to positive can be found in something as simple as a smile and a word of encouragement or recognition. This is true not just in the workplace, but everywhere you might find yourself. If you want to truly live up to your full potential it would be worth your effort to apply and share with others this feel good principle.

July 28, 2016

Yesterday I wrote about the influence of your DNA frequency upon your spiritual life. Today I would like you to consider the influence of the vibrational frequencies from both your conscious and subconscious mind upon your spiritual life.

Your mind transmits vibrational frequencies and attracts like frequencies back to you. You have the ability to chose the frequencies and the intensity of the frequencies based on those thoughts. What you chose to focus your thoughts on is your choice, your responsibility. Will you allow negative, fear creating thoughts to rule your life, or will you fill your mind with positive, uplifting, faith based, encouraging thoughts. Remember, you do reap what you sow in every area of your life.

When it comes to the spiritual aspect of the vibrational frequency you are putting out it would be a good thing to consider Deuteronomy 4:29, “But if from there you seek the LORD your God, you will find him if you look for him with all your heart and with all your soul.” There are times in our lives when situations and circumstances allow for greater openness to the spiritual realm. In such times we should be aware and ready to respond to potential growth and development. When we do, we have the opportunity to reap the benefits of doing so. We are encouraged in Isaiah 55:6 to, “Seek the LORD while he may be found; call on him while he is near.”

We are spiritual beings living in a physical body and really do benefit from being in close connection and relationship with our Creator. When we neglect, ignore or refuse to do this we are like a person who throws the instructions out before assembling the project or closes the cookbook before making a cake.

You have the ability to change your vibrational frequency through your thoughts when your conscious and subconscious are congruent and your faith is in the driver’s seat of both levels. There is great potential at your disposal when you discover and apply the principles of vibrational frequency in your life. You are 100% responsible as a steward to use what God has given you and to use it wisely for the benefit of those around you. Investigate for yourself and take immediate action.

July 27, 2016

Whether you believe in gravity does not matter in regards to the existence of the Law of Gravity. Whether you believe everything is energy or not does not matter, because its existence and impact on your life is not based on whether you believe or not. Whatever term you use for the concept, “you reap what you sow,” and whether you believe in it or not, will not change the fact it is in operation every day of your life.

Science tells us that our DNA has its own unique vibrational frequency which it transmits and at the same time attracts back to itself. This frequency carries within it genetic memory from previous generations. There is the potential this is where the coding of Adam and Eve’s rebellion against God is found. Thus the reason for the Apostle Paul’s statement in Romans 3:23, “for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Whether you believe this or not does not change its impact on your life.

The ongoing rebellious nature, and self-centred carnal focus within humanity was the reason Jesus, the “Word made flesh” came to this earth. The Apostle Paul identifies his passion and the why of his life in 1 Corinthians 15:3-4, “For what I received I passed on to you as of first importance: that Christ died for our sins according to the Scriptures, {4} that he was buried, that he was raised on the third day according to the Scriptures.”

When we understand the concept of inherited sin, which comes to us through our DNA, we can then understand the significance of Numbers 14:18 which says, “The LORD is slow to anger, abounding in love and forgiving sin and rebellion. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children for the sin of the fathers to the third and fourth generation.” In fact this concept is mentioned four times in the Old Testament.

There is a tendency within a generational lineage towards certain aspects of rebellion against the Creator of all that is. Why? Because there is inherent within a person’s DNA to not only transmit that frequency of rebellion, but to also attract it.

The good news is we have the ability to change our DNA frequency. In regards to sin, this happens through faith in what Jesus accomplished on the Cross of Calvary. The Apostle Paul wrote in 2 Corinthians 5:17, “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” To the Church at Ephesus Paul wrote, “For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light” (Ephesians 5:8). There was a frequency change which was identified between what was, darkness, and what became, light.

There is a change that takes not only in the heart of a person, not only in the allegiance of loyalty, but also in the vibrational frequency of our DNA when we chose to follow the Biblical recipe of transformational change. Matthew records the words of Jesus in Matthew 6:22, “The eye is the lamp of the body. If your eyes are good, your whole body will be full of light.” An individual’s eyes are a window into the soul. They provide an opportunity to catch a glimpse of the spiritual vibration that is being transmitted from within when you know what to look for.

If you want to live to the full potential you were created and gifted to be, you will need to be vibrating at the right frequency and attracting to you that which comes from the right frequency.