February 28, 2019

No Greater Love. Feel Good Now and Tomorrow!

A few days ago a Face Book friend asked a question. He wanted to know what was a movie that you enjoyed that you had watched at least five times. I knew instantly what that movie was. I do not know how many times I have watched it, but it is likely closer to ten times. I purchased the dvd many years ago now. There are specific scenes that I look for knowing the lessons that are expressed in those moments. It has been a while and I think this weekend might be time for another viewing. You might want to look this movie up.

The title of the movie is No Greater Love, staring Anthony Tyler Quinn, Danielle Bisutti and Jay Underwood by Lionsgate (2009). It is the story of a couple who were best friends from childhood, were high school sweethearts and married by 22. After the birth of their son, the wife fell into deep depression and walked out on them and vanished. Ten years after his wife’s disappearance, his wife reappears not knowing they have moved to the same community.

Was this reconnection an accident, or by divine design? No divorce papers had ever been filed in their relationship. Many challenging issues are addressed in this faith based movie. Yes, this is just a story, but there are key points which many people struggle with in their every day lives. What priority do we give to God? To what extent do we allow our relationship with God to influence our daily lives? What does it mean to say Yes to the relationship with God, through His Son, Jesus?

When we make a choice to invest time in any activity, what is our intention which motivates the action. Whether it be to watch a movie, participate in a sports activity, read a book, or whatever else we decide on, is it fuelling our passion and aligning with our purpose and destiny in some way? Does the participation involved not just bring a momentary feel good experience, but remains an ongoing feel good feeling after the fact? Something to consider in the choices we make.

February 26, 2019

Straighten What Is Essential to Create Alignment in Your Life!

I had to make a decision by today as to whether I would attend a full day Clergy Training training event next week. It is a two hour drive each way without traffic slow downs, and yes this trip will be made in rush hour traffic each way. I have not driven this long by myself for over eight months. I am going to keep this short, because I already know what my answer is. Go to the training! The reason I am sharing this situation with you is, to use it as a teaching example related to the training I have received and have been passing on to you.

If you have had any opportunity to connect with me, in any way over the last number of years, you will have read, or heard me declare, “What you think and what you believe and what you say, and what you intend matters, because it impacts your actions which determine the outcomes in your life.” This really is a five minutes to learn and a life time to master universal principle.

Most of you also know, I have been involved with a health challenge that came to light about eight months ago. Considering the seriousness of the challenge last August, I am doing very well. The specialist is looking at surgery as his solution to my situation. I continue on a specific regime with my naturopath, who is also an epigeneticist, and all her tests have been showing improvement. I am not looking for suggestions on approach at this point. My understanding of the power and influence of God’s Word, specifically related to prayer, over these same months, has been deepened over this same time frame. So, if I am going to be able to show the specialist that God answers prayer and also demonstrate there options for healing beyond what he offers, then I need to demonstrate by both my words and actions, this is true.

So the question to be asked is, “Would I be going to this Clergy Training Day if I was healthy and well? If the answer was yes, then I should be going? My affirmative reply was therefore sent in. It is important for individuals who have said YES to the relationship with God through His Son, Jesus, that our words and actions must be lived out in alignment with our beliefs and intentions. It ought to be a given, they will align with God’s Word. If you need to, take the steps to straighten what is essential to create alignment in your life! Something for you to think about, as it applies to your life.

February 26, 2019

No Room for Playing the Blame Game! Make Wiser Choices!

We are grateful for the fact that despite about 16 hours of blizzard conditions we only lost our power for less than 10 seconds. With a few exceptions most of the snow that fell actually blew into piles somewhere other than our driveway. All roads in and out of our town were closed for a lengthy period of time, but that did not stop many people from ignoring the road closure signs.

This situation did become a point of discussion between my daughter and I. Considering the number of major accident sites and the considerable number of vehicles involved, it is obvious people are not willing to keep off the roads, for a variety of reasons. One collision site had over 70 vehicles involved. There are probably a significant number of reasons why people don’t stay off the roads when weather is bad and driving conditions are poor.

Our discussion centred around the question, “Who is responsible for these vehicles being on the road?” What was the motivation and reason to risk not only personal life and limb, but that of others, and those who were responsible to respond to emergency situations?

How many drivers were so focussed on their “need” to be somewhere else they did not even consider anyone else. Did many of them just figure, they would be okay and nothing would happen to them? What about those individuals who were attempting to get to or from work because their employer was demanding they show up? It did not matter to the employer roads were officially closed. Their attitude is, show up, or there will be consequences, including the possibility of losing your job. I personally know of one such employer whose head office is not located in our province, but threatens employees with such an attitude. Where does accountability and responsibility for such an attitude rest, when the lives of people are at risk?

Such questions are part of a really complex issue. At the same time each person must take their own accountability and responsibility into account. Our choices, often long before the final situation we find our self in, must be taken into account. The choice to live in a place which dictates a necessary long commute is part of our responsibility. The choice to purchase a small fuel saving vehicle over a larger, more protective vehicle can be a life determining factor, in certain situations. The list goes on and on. What we think, believe, declare and intend does matter, because it impacts our actions which determine our reality and outcomes in life. This is true in so many different ways. There is no room for playing the blame game. Seek to make wiser choices in life.

February 25, 2019

I Am Not Sure What I Should Do! Really?

As I thought abut the article for today, all day yesterday I kept coming back to the same idea. Each time I did I rejected it. Finally I was forced to ask my self why I was rejecting it. The real reason was something I did not want to face because I did not want to admit I was facing a challenge and it would be easier to ignore it and hope it just went away quietly. Have you ever been there? I have, and this is not the first time in my life. I am not sure what I should do! Really?

I could simply say, “you cannot teach an old dog a new trick,” but I know that is not true. I could also say, “I already have enough things on my plate” and that would at least be somewhat true. I could say, “If I sit on this for a while, it will go away on its own.” That would also be true, but I do know that once I pass the 48 hour mark, I face a different set of consequences that may be far more negatively impactful than I really want.

Let me say, I am in this moment, in a place of decision because I made a choice previously. That choice involved not just purchasing a book, but also paying, what is not a large amount of money, that has a training component with it in relation to this book I just received. I briefly flipped through the pages and my immediate response was, “You got to be kidding, I will never be able to figure this out, it is like a foreign language.” There was almost an instantaneous response of fear, doubt, and paralysis towards any future action. Yes, I know I can choose to decide, this is not for me and step back from my commitment and sidestep the negative fallout, but that does not resolve the issue that quitting before I start means I lose the chance to gain the benefits of moving forward in this totally new and uncharted opportunity in my life.

I write this article, because there may be others, regardless of your age, who may be facing a similar situation and choice in their life. In such a time, it is a wise thing to use your imagination and consider what the potential outcomes might be if you attempt to move forward, or chose to walk away and quit. I would suggest, you consider both negative and positive consequences to whatever might be, in as many scenarios as possible, before you make your final answer.

This is what I will do overnight as I seek clarity beyond my own feelings and limiting beliefs. The clock is now ticking on my 48 hour window for action. Life is always exciting when you make the choice to live it. As my mentor Joel Bauer says, “In most instances people will supply the answer to their own question, in how they set out the question.” Hmmm! Good to know! I guess I should just read this article again to find out what my answer will be!

February 24, 2019

Always Remain Positive, Prepare, and Be Ready for Tomorrow!

As I write this article in preparation for February 24, 2019, I have no idea what to expect in terms of tomorrow’s schedule. Environment Canada has warned of freezing drizzle overnight, along with a high winds. Winds are expected to be up to 70 kph overnight. The freezing drizzle will change to rain tomorrow morning with winds rising to 110 kph around noon. The temperature will drop very quickly, turning the rain to snow. At this moment we are under a snow squall watch, which may be updated to a snow squall warning with a caution it could be further updated to a blizzard warning.

Since this is happening on a Sunday, there is always the tension that exists between moving forward with plans for a church service and keeping people off the roads and safe. There is also the realization that should we cancel our service there will be some people who will go out into the weather to attend a service somewhere else. I remember the criticism I received a number of years ago when the weather was really poor. We cancelled the service. Someone complained that while almost all the churches in town were closed, the local curling club continued with their tournament.

I share this post today, because I suspect that most people have no idea about the politics and pressures that go on behind the scenes in the daily workings of the Kingdom of God. The reality is, people’s lives and safety are involved and choices do matter.

We just made the decision to have my wife drive the almost two hours tonight to be with my mom. She is very nervous about this coming storm and does not want to be alone. It is important in such situations to be in control of your emotions and the vibrational frequencies which you put out in times like this. You do not want to attract a worsening scenario. Move forward with calmness and preparation. Candles are found and strategically placed with matches. Flashlights have new batteries installed. We have three gas fireplaces that will provide heat if the power goes off. We will fill some pots with water, because we are on a well. This post should at least go out to our email list should there be some challenges. The sun will rise in the morning and the day will proceed even if the wind blows and the snow comes. Always remain positive, prepare, and be ready for tomorrow! Blessings to each one and stay safe.