September 6, 2018

I originally wrote this article on my sixth day in the hospital. Very early in the morning of that day the doctors came into my room and said they were scheduling an ultrasound and if the results were good I would be sent home.

I was surprised at how quickly I was moved for the test. It seemed the technician was taking extra time and the test was dragging on. Finally he said, “I am consulting with the main radiologist on duty.” About 5 minutes later the main radiologist came in and redid the entire ultrasound.

His comments about more testing and some challenges were not what I was expecting. He said he would submit his report and let the doctors decide whether I would go home that day or not.

As the day wore on and no word came from the doctors, I began to wonder whether my anticipated trip home would actually happen. My thoughts began to turn to “what did they find, what is going on?” Those were immediately followed by, “look for the gold. What can I be thank for if I have to stay in the hospital longer?” Find something good to focus on, rather than allow negative thoughts and feelings to grow.

I began to think about the fact we have a hospital bed at home and the mattress is well worn and not very comfortable. A new mattress had been ordered and it would not arrive for another 4 days, so if I stayed in the hospital it would mean less nights on the old mattress. If I had to stay in the hospital longer it might also mean more tests that might reveal the cause and not just the result of my challenge and that would be a good thing. Thus went my thinking and I would be okay with staying longer in the hospital , if necessary. It was late afternoon before the word actually was received, you are going home.

You can always find something to give thanks for, if you are willing to make the choice to do so. Remember it is a choice.

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