August 27, 2019

Do the Work Now If You Desire to Succeed!

I viewed an email on my phone in which the author wrote to say he had become a free affiliate of the Global Information Network and because he was “broke” he could not become a member. He was looking for a sponsor.

My morning had been very been extremely busy and I am now sitting for my two hour scalar/rife protocol treatment as I hand write this article. As I reflected on this email there were a number of questions that came to my mind. What does this person mean by the word, “broke”? Is he living in his car? Is he homeless? Is he working more than one job attempting to make ends meet? Is his challenge because of poor uses of his resources? The answer to these questions provides valuable insight into his actual circumstances.

There is also the potential need for him to SHIFT his mindset away from the concept of “broke” if he wants transformational change and freedom in his life. He will need to ELEVATE his energetic awareness/consciousness if he wants things to change in his life. Only then will he be able to ENHANCE the quality of his life, he says he is wanting. He must SEE the need for change and be willing to make it happen.

The four basic foundational principles in the Global Information Network training are key to his moving forward. This basic training is free to everyone, but only those who will engage in the process move their lives forward. So often, people will begin the process and then hunger to learn more of the advanced training. As they do, they forget the real key and power is in continuing to work on the basics.

My suggestion to this individual will be to listen to the basic training over and over and implement the action steps provided. Also, go to a library and begin reading and implementing the training from the Basic Book list provided. Changes will happen as he does these things and he will be able to afford his membership in the future.

If he will not do what he needs to in these steps now, providing a free membership will not help him. He must be willing to help himself.

This is true for all of us. What resources do we have that would make a difference in our lives, if we implemented them? Do the work now if you desire to succeed!

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