January 22, 2019

The Details of Your Mysterious Life Yet to Be

I am quickly writing this article a day in advance as I prepare to head out the door into the bitter cold and wind to head to the hospital in Toronto. This is a trip that has been waiting to happen since October. I am going for a test and depending on what the results are, may involve some medical procedures. So, at this point I do not know how long this process may take. I did not want to risk having to come home later in the day and have an article ready for you for today.

What do you do when the details of your day remain a mystery? How you chose to deal with your intentions, thoughts, beliefs, words and actions will influence how your day will go? I am looking at my vision board beside me, in terms of the areas that have the potential to be related to what I know of my day at this point. The title on my board declares, “Feel Good Now!” I woke up quoting God’s Word in relation to this day. I have put out the intention to continue to declare His Word as the day progresses and trust that all things work for good.

Choose to make each day, a “TERRIFIC DAY”! If you have said YES to the relationship with God through His Son, Jesus, then heaven is already present within you. Give thanks and move forward into the details of your mysterious life yet to be.

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