April 30, 2019

Be on Time! Make It Part Of Your DNA Vibration!

If there was one trait my mother taught me when I was young that stuck fast with me. It was the importance of always being on time. When I was first going out with the young lady who became my wife, it used to amaze her family how I was always consistently just ahead of the time I was to be at her house. It was a half hour drive to get there. It was long after our marriage that I revealed my secret. I would leave early and park on the side of the road just out of sight of her parents house and leave at the right time to be on time. My wife’s family was not as committed to being on time as I was. Even to this day, I am always looking to leave early so as to be at my destination on time, while my wife attempts to do just one more thing before we leave.

When I joined the Global Information Network nine years ago I was thrilled at the training regarding the importance of fulfilling your commitments by being on time. When I first started in the ministry I have made it a point that the services I was in charge of would always start on time. Time is important. Not just my time, but everyone else’s as well. This is one reason I have to work on patience when it comes to long delays in doctor’s offices beyond you scheduled appointment time.

Yesterday as I was reading in Dean Del Seto’s book, “Shift Your Thinking” and I came across this statement, “The time frame that reflects well on our character and our outcomes is to be early and well prepared, every time, without fail.”

Dean concluded his article by stating, If we truly embrace the idea that our reputation, character, and influence were declining each time we were late, we’d design our lives for timeliness, not flakiness.” Good stewardship of our life, means we will be good stewards of our time. Be on time! Make it part of your DNA vibration!

April 29, 2019

Apply Your Learning in Ways That Will Positively Impact Your Life!

As I wrote this article during the lunch beak of the second day of the I Ching Artworks training event in Toronto, I found a quiet spot alone to debrief and reflect on the content of the morning sessions.

I am grateful for those who are filling in at home while I am here at the event. I am also grateful for the surprise opportunity to speak from my perspective to the entire group on a topic I was given as I walked to the front. I am thankful for the expressions of appreciation and gratitude by those in attendance for what I shared.

At the morning break I had the opportunity to share my response to the question, “What do you do?” I cannot really explain the excitement I felt as I was able to express my answer in a clear, concise, passionate manner. The two people present, responded, “Wow, I wish I could respond to the question as you did. Thank you Joel Bauer for your patience and training that enabled me to understand and express what it is I do in a way that was not only competent but also reflected who I am.

I am also thankful and grateful for the visible expressions of love, compassion and serving in a non-judgmental atmosphere that have been exhibited this weekend. I am also grateful for the challenges which came about as a result of attending this event. Be careful what you wish and pray for, you just might get it. On the first morning of the event, I drove to the training expressing the intention, desire and prayer that I would have the opportunity to grow in my understanding of universal truth. I left with the challenge of applying new information into both a Biblical world view model and a scientific model. This is some of what I believe God has been calling me to do. I have some homework to deal with, which I know will in fact be the answer to my original request.

Who are you? Where do you want to go in your life? Make sure you make wise choices now that will move you in the direction of fulfilling your purpose and living your destiny as a good and faithful servant of your Creator. Apply your learning in ways that will positively impact your life!

April 28, 2019

Your Connections Between Energy and the Spiritual Realm Are Important!

Yesterday I had the privilege of attending an I Ching Artworks training event in Toronto. It was another opportunity for me to be where I needed to be in the fulfilment of my purpose and destiny. There will be many people who do not understand me and why I do what I do, and I am okay with that. I am accountable to be and do what I have been called to be and do.

I would encourage you to pursue the path towards understanding your purpose and destiny. As you do, you will know better who you really are. At the same time you will discover greater value in the daily elements that make up your life.

For me, gaining a greater understanding of the connections between energy and the spiritual realm is important for our growth and development as a spiritual being living in a physical body. It greatly impacts our ability to perceive how the Biblical account points us to establishing a fully committed relationship with our Creator.

The Bible is not about the dictates which govern a religion, or the regulations which determine an eternal rewards or punishment consequence. It is about discovering who you are and who you can become as a result of saying Yes to the relationship with God through His Son, Jesus.

In the discovery and commitment to that relationship, the benefits you receive will manifest in your life. The fruit of God’s Spirit in you, “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control” (Galatians 5:22-13) are key in your ability to become the best version of you possible. Your connections between energy and the spiritual realm are important!

April 27, 2019

Don’t Grant Impatience the Energy to Dominate and Manipulate Your Life!

Yesterday as I was waiting to see the doctor and the clock was ticking for a significant amount of time past my scheduled appointment, I found myself sing the words to a song I learned decades ago. By the way, I was not singing out loud, simply in my mind.

The words to the song begin with, “Have patience, don’t be in such a hurry.” My doctor’s appointment was in the heart of downtown Toronto where large crowds of people stream into and out of the subway station and the train station within blocks of each other. They are all in a rush to get somewhere. Patience is an asset in such an atmosphere.

I wonder how many people sitting in the various waiting rooms of the hospital are there, because they failed to properly deal with the stressors in their life? They became frustrated, anger and impatient with things in their life. I know my health challenges resulted from such a foundation. My wife reminded me on the drive home about that very thing. I take responsibility for my poor handling of stress a few years ago. Today I seek to be more responsible in how I treat my body, the abode of both my spirit and God’s Holy Spirit.

As we drove home in heavy traffic it was easy to spot where impatience is a controlling influence in the body behind the steering wheels. I am not sure what this one individual thought my wife should do, based on the traffic in front of us, but he displayed his finger at us as he attempted to passed us. Again the words of that song flittered through my mind, “Have patience, don’t be in such a hurry.” Don’t grant impatience the energy to dominate and manipulate your life!

April 26, 2019

Pursue Now, the Minimization of Poverty in Realistic Ways Worldwide!

The concept that there is deception related to choice is much more prevalent in our world than is often known. I often see someone posting on Face Book that if all the money spent on weapons of war were spent on the poor, poverty could be eliminated in our world. While this seems like a reasonable assumption, the reality is this is a deception of choice. It is a limiting lie that leads to a result that is the opposite of what is intended.

The attempt to completely eradicate poverty is self defeating. We live in a world where there is a battle of spiritual forces that impacts this world and those who live in it. People choose which side of that conflict they will align with and that set the stage for what takes place on this planet. When a goal is so overwhelming, people are defeated before they start. It would be much more useful and beneficial to seek the minimization of poverty. This is a goal that people can personally achieve and is collectively attain.

The causes of poverty are multiple and complex. Situations and circumstances happen in life. Natural disasters and economic challenges take place that wipe out material assets and leave people without resources. Wars and acts of violence devastate and create innocent victims.

In the end, mental, emotional, psychological, financial and spiritual damage will still cause people to make poor choices which cause poverty. There are people whose internal belief systems are so warped and damaged they will, whether intentionally or unintentionally, sabotage their life and return to poverty. It is an habitual way of life for them.

Remember, Jesus whose purpose was to bring freedom and life both on now and eternally, acknowledged the fact that there would always be those who were poor. Not everyone will make wise choices. This is one of the consequences of free will.

Implementing strategies to specifically help individuals to build faith and hope and make practical choices that will improve the quality of their life and benefit society as a whole is a target that is worth working towards. This is what minimizing poverty is all about.

I want to express appreciation and blessings to those who are pursue Now, the minimization of poverty in realistic ways worldwide!