December 23, 2018

What are you plugged into?

I do not know about you, but for me, almost every day I receive invitations to respond and take advantage of special trainings and opportunities that will advance, or enhance some aspect of my life. If I will simply plug into their system my life will change for the better forever. Rarely do I ever respond, because I am very aware of the importance of the training which asks, “Who do you listen to?”

I want to learn from the source, or at least as close to the source as I can get. I am thankful to Joel Bauer, who has trained a significant percentage of the top trainers and marketers in the world. When you go to the source, you have the opportunity to learn to develop a sensitivity and perception that is very valuable in avoiding the traps of being drawn in to things which do not resonate at a high level of integrity and benefit.

It is also important to understand how important it is to actually plug into the system that you are interested in and desirous of following. Many of you have spent insane amounts of money on items and trainings which you have never implemented. How much benefit have you received from having it sit on your self, unopened and completely unplugged from your life? We have such things on our selves. Good intentions, unfulfilled brings no value to your life.

I would encourage you as we move quickly towards a new year to not just make a resolution to take action on something you have already invested in, but make a decision to commit to doing something that will change your life forever.

If you do not have any such resources on hand you can work with, find someone who is a source and begin the process of plugging in and moving forward with it.

Do not forget to include in your life the One who is the Source of all life and who has provided His training manual (The Bible) for your benefit. The universal principles found there are timeless and extremely beneficial. Say YES to the relationship with Him and live fully committed to Him and see for yourself the difference it will make in your life.

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