June 15, 2019

Live Your Life From Your Hub of Passion and Purpose!

Time passes quickly, so you might as well choose to live your passion and purpose rather than let it slip away without any attention as to why you are here on this earth. Forty-five plus years have passed since I first walked through the doors of a small country church which was locked with a padlock and had an outhouse to take care of important other business. In many ways it seems like this event was only a short time ago.

I was sitting thinking about those first years of ministry and remembered something I had forgotten. God had given me a picture which I had firmly planted in my mind. In one sense, it was a graphical vision. I saw the rural community we were to serve (our jurisdiction) as a big bicycle type wheel with many spokes radiating out from a central hub. In the centre of the wheel was the Egypt Church, the hub that was connected outward to all that happened within its sphere of influence. Everything that happened at the church was related to making that vision become a reality. My passion and purpose were part of that time period.

Now, at a time when I am approaching my 70th birthday in a couple of months, and most of my peers have retired, I am asking myself, what will I do with my remaining time on this plane of existence? What is my passion and what is my purpose not just for today, but the comings days? What is the graphical image I see for the church I serve in Shelburne?

I conduct services in local nursing homes on a regular basis and there are individuals in those homes who are younger than I am, whose life, from outward appearances and actions seem to be pretty much over. They are simply existing and putting in time until there is no more time for them. That is something that I am not interested in participating in. From my perspective, feeling better than I have in a long time, I still have much to accomplish towards a renewed purpose with an increased passion.

While my hub has been Shelburne, Ontario for the last almost 24 years, it is still my hub. What has changed is the size of my jurisdiction. Now, through the use of technology, anyone, anywhere in the world is someone to be influenced for the Kingdom of God. My training in recent years has helped me to understand my stewardship responsibility to influence and impact, not just the physical realm we live in, but also the spiritual and energetic realms, for the Kingdom of God.

I am looking for individuals who are like minded, committed and willing to come alongside us, to make this world we live in, better as a result. Yes there is a hub, but at the same time there are points of contact all around by which we can accomplish mighty things in the name of Jesus for our Heavenly Dad. I invite you to join with me so that together this vision will become a reality. Additionally, I encourage you to also live your life from your hub of passion and purpose which just might intersect with mine so we are working together as part of God’s team!

July 14, 2019

Don’t Allow What Emerges as a Roadblock Ruin Your Day!

Over the years a have watched a number of “Hallmark” movies where an author has come up against writer’s block. The solution usually involves some connection to someone of the opposite sex who through a series of events inspires the author to become creative and inspired and start writing again.

Yesterday was a busy day. By the late afternoon I sat on my lazy boy chair for a short rest. Our kitten MacGyver climbed up and stayed. Our other kitten, Riley comes and stays regularly, but MacGyver, rarely does.

Since I am tired and have no intention of leaving the house for the rest of the day, and have been happily married for almost 48 years, I do not expect a series of events with some unknown person to spark an emotional, creative inspirational experience.

In the midst of handwriting this article MacGyver found something better to do and left. Riley showed up to take his place on my lap, so my excuse for sitting and resting was renewed. My saga of an afternoon rest time continues to play out.

When you come up against an unexpected road block in your life, rather than get frustrated and upset, look for a way to turn it into a positive story in your journey of life. I got to stay longer on my chair and finish this article because Riley showed up abd blessed me with her purring.

This is not earth shattering news, but a reason to rest a little longer and turn the time into a positive experience, while getting the article written. Don’t allow what emerges as a roadblock ruin your day!

July 13, 2019

The Joy of Yahweh Is Our Strength! I Am Fantastic!

Yesterday I wrote about conducting a service in a local nursing home. My last sermon before my surgery took place at this location. A number of the residents at the service were looking for me to appear so they would have a report on how I was feeling. I talked a little with them about the use of words and their power not only on our lives, but on the lives of others. One of my mentors, Ed Foreman, speaks about having a terrific day, every day. When I first learn this and shared this concept with others, I actually had someone tell me I was misleading people and delusional. I was roundly told this was impossible.

Over the years, I have discovered the word “terrific” is fairly rutted in my response patterns. Though at the lowest point of my health crisis, I was less enthusiastic and consistent with it. I have written about this in the past. I am working on a new “normal” for my automatic response, which notches “terrific” to a new level, “fantastic.”

I used that word yesterday when asked how I was doing by residents at the nursing home. What surprised me was how their faces lit up when I used that word. I realized there is an energetic connection between “fantastic” and joy. Joy is identified as one of the markers of the fruit of the Spirit of God active in our lives.

It has a direct connection to our relationship with God through His Son, Jesus. John 16:23-24 records the words of Jesus, “I tell you the truth, my Father will give you whatever you ask in my name. {24} Until now you have not asked for anything in my name. Ask and you will receive, and your joy will be complete.” John 15:11 tells us Jesus also said, “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.”

True joy comes from God. Nehemiah 8:10 reminds us, “The Joy of Yahweh is our strength.” when we have the joy of God in all aspects of our life, then it will be complete and there will be no challenge to say, “I am fantastic!”

Is that what you want in your life? It has been promised in God’s Word, therefore it is attainable in your life. You must simply follow His universal principles of relationship with Him to find it.

The Joy of Yahweh is our strength! I am fantastic, how about you?

June 12, 2019

Judging Invites Guilt and Determines Blame! This Includes Yourself!

Today I have a nursing home service, which I had forgotten about. Fortunately I discovered this yesterday, so I had some time to prepare. Usually, I simply take a previous service I have preached and adapt it. But since I have only preached twice since my last visit to this nursing home I do not have anything fresh to draw on. My last two message were my 45th anniversary service and last Sunday was the longest message I have ever preached in the 45 years, plus a week. Neither are appropriate.

What I did discover was I had already covered, in a sermon, a portion of Scripture I was looking to use this Sunday. Therefore I need to shift what I was going to say this week. It is okay, because I only need to do a short reminder of what has been and then I can move on to an aspect of the Shepherd’s Psalm that is not talked about in the church. I will have time to address this without worry of being long winded. It is all good.

I want to put something before you today that I believe is an important concept you might want to consider. Just because you look at something in your life and it did not work out as you thought it should, acknowledge responsibility, but do not blame, or assign fault to your self. When you do, you are judging yourself and you are under the same universal principles of sowing and reaping that applies when you do this with others. Jesus did not sin, yet He judged the religious leaders in order to push then to take action on His life. He reaped the consequences of His judging. When we willfully transgress a known law of God, it is sin, and sin separates us in terms of our relationship with God. Remember, when we have said YES to the relationship with God, “There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1). There is no blame or fault, just accountability. Judging assumes there is guilt and assesses blame. God does not do this as He looks at you, so why should you? You are not doing yourself any favours. STOP IT! This is a restricted area and do not enter!

Every choice we make may have an outcome, but that does not give us a right to beat up on ourselves. If it was not a willful transgression then there is no fault. If you need to change things, do so and move forward. Judging invites guilt and determines blame! This includes yourself!

June 11, 2019

Be Mindful What You Ask for and Your Purpose Behind It!

There are universal principles and laws that are in effect in our world and they operate at the quantum energetic level. These principles and laws are extremely powerful. I personally operate from the belief that there is One who created these principles and laws. We are responsible and accountable to follow them if we want the best outcomes for our life.

If we follow the proper use of electricity, it can be beneficial in our lives. If we fail to follow the principles of operation, it can have a deadly result.

God’s Word is very specific on the topic of prayer. “Ask and it will be given” (Matthew 7:7). But there are conditions for us to meet. Matthew 8:13, “Jesus said ‘It will be done just as you believed it would.’” Then, in Mark 11:23-24 we read where Jesus said, “I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. {24} Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.”

Not only are there conditions to be met, there are also hindrances that can also impact responses to prayer. R.A. Torrey lists three in his book, “Power-Filled Living” which I want to share with you.

1. Selfish prayers. James 4:3, “When you ask, you do not receive, because you ask with wrong motives, that you may spend what you get on your pleasures.” Be sure your motives and intentions are in alignment with God and His Word.

2. Sinful actions: The word “sin’ is not something which many people can connect with today, but the universal principle and laws are still active. Isaiah 59:1-2 declares, Surely the arm of Yahweh is not too short to save, nor his ear too dull to hear. {{2} But your iniquities have separated you from your God; your sins have hidden his face from you, so that he will not hear.” When there is conflict and rebellion in a relationship, communication is one of the areas that is negatively impacted. Sin is choosing to ignore, or rebel against the universal principles and laws of relationship.

3. Who comes first?: Ezekiel 14:3 declares, “Son of man, these men have set up idols in their hearts and put wicked stumbling blocks before their faces. Should I let them inquire of me at all?”

A self centred ego is not your friend. Yes you need to take time for yourself, but if you are the centre of your universe, you will not have healthy relationships and that includes one with God.

When we choose to accept and even implement hindrances to answered prayer in our life it will impact our outcomes. Do not blame God when the answer does not appear. Follow the universal principles God has given you and you will receive an answer. It might be different than you asked for, but remember you are not God and do not always know what is best. He does. Trust Him! Be mindful what you ask for and your purpose behind it!