May 31, 2016

Sunday evening those who were on the Sip of GIN weekly phone call were challenged by Don Boyer to answer two questions. The first one was, “What do you like the best about your Global Information Network Membership?” Having now been a constant member of this great club for more than six years, I went back and read a bunch of “My GIN Stories” that I have written and saved on my computer. What a blessing to review and relive the journey and see how God has led and blessed our lives and family in so many ways. My eyes are tearing up with gratitude, appreciation and thanksgiving as I write today’s article.

Can I find a best among so many great things? The journey has been about expansion and growth. For me, from day one I was drawn to the significance and power of the basics as described in the audio cd set, “Your Wish Is Your Command. Out of the starting gate I was challenged to be willing to learn and willing to change. As I reflect, I think the best, has been the people I have met. Individuals who were originally faces on a website or in a monthly magazine, or whose voices were simply on an audio chose to make themselves available. They were interested in helping and personally benefiting the members of the club, including our family. We have had the opportunity to meet and talk with so many people who we have come to love and appreciate over the years. Because of our connection to people in the club we have had wonderful opportunities to take specialized training from people who are at the top in their fields. This would never have happened without these relationships.

I was sixty years old, and on the precipice of burnout wondering how I could hang in until retirement, when the Holy Spirit opened the door and lead us to the Global Information Network. Our lives changed from that day forward. Now at almost 67 years old I am excited about what I do. I am more passionate than I ever have been about the connection of the Word of God to the principles God has provided to help us live our lives to the full.

Someone asked us a while ago why we were still members of the Global Information Network. I responded, because we are still getting value. I am currently working through a number of training certification programs within the club and a couple of others through members in the club. Instead of retirement, I am still going strong by God’s grace and help. I cannot express how greatly blessed I am to have such wonderful support and encouragement from within the family of the Global Information Network and from those who have stood by us from outside the club. You are truly helping me to be the very best I can be in fulfilling my God given destiny. Thank you! You are loved and appreciated.

May 30, 2016

Have you ever considered the implications of the meaning of Matthew 18:2-3, “He (Jesus) called a little child and had him stand among them. {3} And he said: ‘I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.’”

The following are portions of a point form outline from today’s sermons which I preached. I offer the concepts for your consideration:

-Jesus emphasizes what He says in this section with the words “I tell you the truth”

-it is something we need to pay close attention to

-if you want to be great in God’s sight, become like a little child

-the original word means, “childling”

-Jesus says, in order for this to happen there must be a change

-the word, “change” means to reverse your direction

-a child has a close connection to God as a result of living in a continuous theta vibrational state,

which includes a significant level of faith and trust

-a parent says, “jump and I will catch you” and in most instances the child jumps without hesitation

-they operate from a place of trust and faith, unless that trust and faith has been broken previously

-theologically, we state that any child who dies before the age of accountability automatically goes to heaven because of the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross of Calvary, right?

-what if the age of accountability is related to the age at which a person moves out of theta brain frequency and into beta brain frequency?

-the change which Jesus is referring to in Matt. 18:3 may very well have been written for our quantum era in history, where we have the information and ability to actually go back and consciously return to the theta frequency state

-the implications of this are enormous in terms of our ability to commune with God at the closeness and faith level of a little child

-when you look at the original words Jesus used for “Kingdom of Heaven” what you find is He is referring to a realm where God abides

-Strong’s Concordance says that the words used about this place, by implication, relate to a place of happiness, power and eternity and are as much about a state as they are a physical place

-the second point I would like us to consider this morning relates to our responsibility in how we interact and influence children living in the theta vibrational frequency

-Matthew 18:5-7, “And whoever welcomes a little child like this in my name welcomes me.

{6} But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. {7} “Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to sin! Such things must come, but woe to the man through whom they come!”

-we are to be careful not to implant negative programs, habits and survival techniques into the subconscious minds of children

-these things not only produce hindrances which can entangle and block a person for being their best for God, but they provide internal leverage for the biasness of sin to latch onto and grow as well.

-Jesus uses strong words against people who do this and gives warning against it

-why because He views it as a very serious offense against the person and against Himself

In understanding the implications and responsibilities of how we treat children and the value of understanding what it means to be the little child in terms of the frequencies in which we live, perhaps we can find ways to move closer to fulfilling our God-given potential and being all we were created to be.

May 29, 2016

I took the time to watch an interview with Dr. Joe Dispenza about defining your intention. This video is found at: .

What I am finding interesting in my studies is that scientists, while not necessary looking for it are finding that there is a place within humanity that has a longing to connect with the Divine. While there is not always an identification with the God who is revealed in the Bible, because they don’t know what they don’t know, or they have not been introduced to the One they have just acknowledged is there, they still are left with the sense of the Divine.

For many decades I have heard about the vacuum within us that only God can fill. So why is it that when scientists say, there is something Divinely unique in us, God’s people run and hide from them and their findings? Why are so many people willing to as it were, to throw the baby out with the bath water?”

God is alive and well and you can have a closer relationship with Him if you will simply take the time to learn how to have it. What are your spiritual intentions? What actions are you willing to take to live your life to its full potential? What challenges are you willing to face to be who God created you to be and to do what He is calling you to do?

Jesus Christ is our example, so why not follow Him?

May 28, 2016

As part of the One Command training course I am currently taking one of the assignments for this week was to watch the Youtube video of “The Jill Bolte Taylor Story.” I posted the shorter TedEx version to my Face Book page yesterday. I would encourage you to watch it there, or go to and watch it. Jill was a scientist whose research was focussed on the human brain and then she took a stroke that completely eliminated the processing of her left brain. It left her as if she was a child in an adult body living in a continuous theta vibrational frequency state. She describes what that was like and her journey back. The longer version of her story which she shared with Oprah is also available on Youtube if you are interested.

The insights into how our subconscious programming is developed as children and its impact on how we live our adult lives is something more people need to hear and seek to address. The implications of following through on the call in Hebrews 12:1, “let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” is immense. Jesus has dealt with the sin part, but we must deal with the everything that hinders. AND it really would be a good thing if we learned what we needed to know in order to do that.

Do you want to live your life to its God-given potential? If you do, then I would suggest you learn how to change the programming in your subconscious mind so you can empower your life as you remove those hindrances. As someone shared with me this past week. This is the first time I have ever heard this information and it all makes sense why my life has been as it has been. As I have said before, and I will say it again likely many more times. “What you think, and what you believe and what you say and the intentions of your heart matter, because they impact your actions which determine the outcomes in your life.”

As Les brown always says, “You have greatness in you.” Start thinking, believing, declaring, intending and living it. Learn how to be all that God created you to be!

May 27, 2016

Dr. David Schwartz in his book, “The Magic Of Thinking Big” has a chapter which he has titled, “Manage Your Environment: Go First Class.” He begins the chapter with the words, “When your mind works one way, it can carry you forward to outstanding success. But the same mind operating in a different manner can produce a total failure.”

It really is our choice. Proverbs 23:7 says, “For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he” and Proverbs 27:19 declares, “As water reflects a face, so a man’s heart reflects the man.” What it is saying is, what you put into your heart defines what kind of character you have, and what kind of person you are.

The environment you chose for living your life, both within the world and within your mind shapes us. What we think, what we believe, what we say and the intentions of our heart matters, as it impacts our actions which determine the outcomes in our life.

So what do you want for your life? Are you willing to settle for mediocrity or do you have a desire to fulfill the greatness within you? Are you willing to take action to live up to your God-given potential?

David Schwartz suggests there are seven things you can do to make your environment make you successful

1. Be environment conscious. Just as body diet makes the body, mind diet makes the mind.

2. Make your environment work for you, not against you. Don’t let suppressive forces – the negative, you-can’t-do-it-people – make you think defeat.

3. Don’t let small-thinking people hold you back. Jealous people want to see you stumble. Don’t give them that satisfaction.

4. Get your advice from successful people. Your future is important. Never risk it with free-lance advisors who are living failures.

5. Get plenty of psychological sunshine. Circulate in new groups. Discover new and stimulating things to do.

6. Throw thought-poison out of your environment. Avoid gossip. Talk about people but stay on the positive side.

7. Go first class in everything you do. You can’t afford to go any other way.

Taking action is a necessary part of fulfilling your individual destiny and being all you could be. Remember, being a good steward includes making the most of who you can be for the benefit of others. Think big, live big because you have, as the song writer declares, “A great BIG wonderful God.”