June 30, 2018

June 30 is a special day for me. It was on June 30, 1974 that I held my first service as a pastor of a local congregation. The expression of the truth of God’s Word with honesty and integrity has been part of my life for many years. I have had the opportunity to learn the power of languaging skills from mentors of the highest calibre. My decision to learn those skills was not so that I could manipulate people’s thinking, but rather, I would be aware when these tactics are being used against me.

I would be remiss if I did not tell you, there are powerful, mind altering tactics being used without integrity on a regular basis to manipulate your thinking and your actions in ways you are not even aware are happening. This can be true even within the spiritual/religious realm.

The deliberate choice to use a word that subtly gives an impression different than the expression of clear truth can provide a different outcome. So while truth was never denied, it has been sabotaged and lost through word manipulation. Be aware!

A book recommended to me by one of my mentors which I found helpful to start your journey of awareness is titled, Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, by Robert Cialdini. Look for it in the library, or if you want your own copy, check in your local book stores or online. This book will be a real eye opener for many who take the time and make the effort to read it.

The truth will set you free. It is time for people to become aware, to “perceive,” “discern,” “see,” “know,” etc. what is happening, not just in the physical world in which we live, but also in the spiritual realm as well and how it impacts everything. This is the message hidden in Scripture in the Old Testament Hebrew word, “raw-aw” and the New Testament Greek word, “hor-ah-o.” It is from this concept, The SEE Method of Living finds its Source.

God, the Relationship Initiator and Restorer, provides the mechanism to Shift our mindset to bring transformational freedom and expression, Elevates our energetic awareness for the full deployment of our inherent potential, and Enhances the quality of our life as we live our purpose, fulfil our destiny, and leave a lasting, positive legacy.

Will you choose to live in truth? Remember Jesus declared Himself to be the way, the truth and the life in John 14:6. If you desire truth in your life, say YES to the relationship with the One who is truth and live a life committed to Him and the truth He represents.

Seek truth, reveal truth and be truth in a world that so desperately needs truth.

June 29, 2018

Today is the beginning of what Environment Canada is predicting will be an extended period of extreme hot temperatures and humidity for our area. In fact this is predicted to be the longest period of such heat and humidity in many years. There will be those who live with such temperature extremes on a regular basis and it will not be anything out of the ordinary. For me, it certainly beats the significant snowfall which happened in Eastern Canada less than a week ago.

I was sorting some papers on my desk and found buried an article titled, “The Keys To Success” written by Dean Hankey which I had printed off on April 9, 2018. Dean wrote about the value and benefit of understanding and being congruent and in alignment with our true value in what we do and how we perceive ourselves. He writes, “Understanding our own value is less a consideration of market value and more a consideration of our own internal value thermostat.”

He goes on to say, “We have to believe (at least at some level anyway) that the temperature can or is actually improving!”

You will never know the value of air conditioning if you live at levels where the temperature is so low you need the furnace on all the time. Allow yourself the right to live at a temperature which will bring out the value of who you are and what you have to offer. Dean writes, “It might be time to reset the thermostat on our value/pricing . . . Then the motors and fans kick in to make the chosen changes . . .”

Why not consider readjusting the thermostat to reflect who you are in Christ, because you really are more than you consider yourself to be in being able to influence and help others be the best version of themselves possible. Don’t let the heat immobilize you! Take action, continue to move forward.

June 28, 2018

How much are you worth? What is the value of what you offer to others? While you can always find someone who thinks more highly of themselves than they ought to, in general most people have a really poor perception of how significant and important they really are. Poor and low self esteem does not equate to humility, even though there are those who would like you to think it is.

When you consider yourself of little worth and value and what you have to offer the world is as well, you place yourself in a position of being powerless, with no ability to effect your environment. You are not “at cause” in your life.

The tragedy for many people is they take this attitude into the spiritual realm and apply it to their daily living as well. Because transformational freedom and expression comes to us as a gift from God through His Son, Jesus, the Messiah, many people undervalue it. Thus, it is not even considered as worthy of attention. Just because we can receive it as a free gift of God’s mercy and grace, does not mean it is “Cheap grace,” as Dietrich Bonhoeffer reminds us.

The expression of saying YES to the relationship with God through Jesus may be a simple and easy process, and it is. However the willingness to live that relationship in a manner that demonstrates full and unwavering commitment is less so. It is that commitment which demonstrates your perception as to its real and lasting worth and value. It is when individuals come to the energetic awareness they must “put skin in the game” to achieve lasting, ongoing benefit from the relationship that its real worth begins to surface and have true application in life. In other words, when people realize committed relationships require work and attention to achieve lasting, positive results is when they will SEE the value of what they have.

The enhancement of the quality of life only comes to those who are willing to commit long term to the relationship journey. If you cannot discern the long term value of a committed relationship, or your perception of your worth and contribution to its ultimate success is limited, then you will have a higher percentage of likelihood you will give up and “bail” on it. The negative consequences of such a decision are often much higher than many people are willing to admit. The admission of failure does impact on personal worth and value and does influence the perception of the future. Something to think about.

June 27, 2018

My life was impacted in a significance way by a specific television program many decades ago. It was an episode in the series, “Little House on the Prairie.” In that specific show, the preacher in the community had lost his eye sight and was having a difficult time dealing with his loss, on a number of different levels until he was befriended by a man who chose to come along side the preacher and make a difference in his life. The skin colour of the preacher was white, his new friend’s skin colour was not white. The fact that the preacher could not see his new friend physically allowed him to SEE him for who he truly was as a unique individual.

The message conveyed in that program has stuck with me down through the years and was not diminished when I became a “preacher” almost 45 years ago. SEE people for who they are at the heart level, as God created them and do not judge by external situations. This was the lesson taught by God to his prophet Samuel when Samuel was called to anoint a son of Jesse as King of Israel (1 Samuel 16:7).

It caught me by surprise yesterday when a reporter wrote to me, “Racism is a tricky thing and no one is immune. It’s very difficult to see in someone who hasn’t exhibited blatant signs in their life that were visible to others. Being white provides blinders sometimes making it difficult to see because we consider ourselves not racist and can’t imagine it existing in others.”

I was left to ask myself the question, where is the line of truth in any dispute, in our politically correct world? Is a landlord/tenant dispute a racist event, because they are a different colour and one of the two people declare it to be? What is it if they are both of the same colour? Do we look for some other divisive designation, maybe related to religion or economic status? If truth is our objective, perhaps identifying something for what it really is, in this case, a landlord/tenant dispute, would have more merit, rather than seeking to paint everyone with a racism brush.

It would also be a good thing to remember criticism was labelled at Jesus for how He related to others. He was described as a friend of publicans and sinners (Luke 7:34). He had the nerve to minister to and associate with Samaritans and those who were not deemed as socially acceptable, at all socio-economic levels.

Perhaps the message I learned so many decades ago to SEE people, not with the physical eyes, but to see them for who they are at the heart level still has validity today. Maybe if more people learned that lesson, this world might be a little better place to live.

June 26, 2018

I woke up very early this morning thinking about a variety of things which are on the schedule for this day. There is really more to be done than hours to get everything done. There will be an official announcement at a meeting this afternoon at which time the chairperson of our local food bank will resign. There have been some personality challenges within the organization in recent days. At that time the announcement will also be made that I will become the new interim chair. This will be my fourth time in this position over the last 23 years. It will be my task to either get the various people working together, or navigate a process that will allow for a new organizational structure to come into existence to serve the people who need the services the food bank offers. No pressure, right?

In checking the email first thing this morning, I discovered there was at least one more item to be added to today’s list to be done. The new item is not something I must personally do, but it is something I was make sure is done, related to my wife’s business. Paypal, one of the payment processors used for my wife’s online business is making changes and a software program we use in connection with Paypal is no longer compliant and must be upgraded. Today is the last day and this must be done. I thought it had been, but it hasn’t happened as of this moment. Being able to receive payment is important to an online business. No pressure, right?

Sometimes you will have days when pressures and time line deadlines will be greater than others. Do not allow the stress of each thing to build in your life. Deal with each item, one at a time and then move on to the next. Stay focussed on the task at hand and do not become overwhelmed or it will shut you down. At the end of your day reflect with thanksgiving and gratitude for all that was accomplished. It is in such an environment you will feel good about yourself and what God has empowered you to attain.