August 30, 2019

Do Not Hate Little Beginnings!

Through the years until I was married, many weekends were spent at my aunt’s house which backed onto the Grand River near Brantford, Ontario. Since my aunt was a widow and her youngest son was close to my age we spent many hours along the bank of the river. My cousin was a close friend and my best man at our wedding. Where my aunt lived, the Grand River is both wide and fairly deep as water levels are controlled by a dam down river at Caledonia.

Recently I was travelling through a part of the county where I live and crossed over a bridge marked, “The Grand River”. Our county is the headwaters for five major rivers in the province of Ontario, including The Grand River. At the point where I crossed over this bridge I noticed the river was little more than a narrow ditch with water running down it.

In thinking about what I witnessed, I was reminded we are not to despise, or hate small beginnings, because we do not know what the final outcome might be. This applies to many areas in our life. The application of faithful persistence is incredibly important.

Small does not necessarily mean meaningless, or lack of value. Remember even a small light penetrates and dispels darkness. Also, it only takes a little spark to create a large fire.

Do not diminish the value of your worth and significance in this world. You will only be the best version of you when you have a proper balance of who you are before God and others. You make a far greater impact than you realize.

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