September 30, 2018

When we hang our bird feeders on the back deck and put bird seed in them, it seems like there is an almost instantaneous transformation that takes place. These bird feeders morph into squirrel restaurants instantly. This summer seems to have been an really good year for the multiplication of the squirrel population in our area. Like metal drawn to a magnet there is a line up of these four footed creatures waiting for their free meal, multiple times a day. Our border collie is definitely losing nap time watching in a futile attempt to chase them away through the patio doors.

In fact, there is a path worn in the grass in the back yard between our deck and the nearest tree as they come and go on a regular basis. Attempts to block the squirrels have been unsuccessful to date as every option has been thwarted so far. I know there are means to defeat these critters, but it likely would involve moving the feeders off the deck. In the winter the snow piles into the yard just off the deck and we are just not that committed to fighting the elements of the weather to fill the feeders. Also my wife and daughter like to be able to look out the patio doors and watch the birds, at least when the squirrels are not there.

In this moment of time, it would seem the squirrels are like the persistent widow in Jesus’ story who continued to go after the unjust judge until she received her reward. The squirrels do not see a bird feeder, they see a squirrel feeder and it is their right to their reward for showing up so diligently.

Perhaps there are times if we shifted our perception we might find we were able to accomplish that which we thought was out of our reach, or maybe even impossible. Certainly it something worth considering, right?

September 29, 2018

Thoughts provide a very powerful vibration which is transmitted into our world that other minds can pick up. Words also do the same. I came across an interesting concept written by Stan Toler in his book, The Power of Your Brain. He wrote, “There’s something substantial that comes from writing, something that makes your thoughts seem more forceful, as if putting them to paper has given them more weight. Perhaps it’s the finality of the process – the knowledge that, while your thoughts are fleeting, the written word is permanent. It’s difficult – if not impossible – to page through old thoughts in your mind; paging through notes you’ve written down, even if they’re only thoughts scribbled on paper, is an entirely different story.”

Stan then went on to suggest getting out a pen and paper, or a notebook and begin to pour out your heart to God in written prayer. Keep a written record of your conversations with God was his suggestion so you have a record you can refer back to.

It terms of prayer, Stan also suggested you personalize God’s Word so it has application into your own life as you pray. This is in alignment with my thinking that we want to be thinking and speaking God’s Word in faith to the issues of our life. In fact my wife has put together a specific group of readings which I incorporate into my morning devotional time each morning. These include a number of Scripture passages which are designed for each person she gives the readings to.

Taking up the sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God is part of our spiritual armour and helps us to be and become who we were created to be and what we are called to do.

You want to learn more about how you can increase the power of your ability and vibrational impact to be salt and light in this world, so it can be a better place for everyone to live.

September 28, 2018

I have just got home after going to the lab to get more blood work done to gain a clearer picture of where I stand regarding the recovery process of my health challenges. I found out from my new family doctor who took immediate action to get me to a specialist, that resulted in my hospital stay, she was very concerned as to whether I was going to live or not. I knew I was not feeling well, but I had no idea just how serious my situation really was.

Again, thank you to everyone who prayed, sent love, energy, blessings, etc. my way. Your help was a key component to my recovery and ability to continue to minister and serve God and others. When situations arise in our lives that we might not choose, if given a choice, we still need to remember to look for something good to come out of the situation.

For me, the journey of gaining a deeper understanding of who I am “in Christ” has not only been beneficial to me, but it is something I can share with others who may be interested in learning the value and importance of this information. This journey has also opened up some new clarification on what I want to do with the extra time I have been gifted in my life.

Remember, each day you wake up is a gift, which we should not take for granted as an entitled “brat.” Our presence in this present moment is truly a present we should be thankful and grateful for. We should also be conscious of our responsibility and accountability to use it wisely as faithful stewards. The Apostle Paul reminds us in 1 Corinthians 6:19-20, “Do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? {20} For you were bought at a price. Therefore glorify God with your body.”

What we think, believe, say and intend does impact our actions and will affect the outcomes of our reality. This is an important universal principle which we would benefit from implementing. If you truly want to live your purpose, fulfill your destiny and leave a lasting, positive, legacy you must take the steps necessary to make it happen. My choice is to include God in my journey, I trust you will also.

September 27, 2018

Have you ever found yourself in a place where you realized there is a “blind spot” in your life? In the last couple of days my blood pressure, which had become normal, suddenly was increasing and I could not figure out why.

I have been reading, writing and speaking on the power of your thoughts, beliefs, words and intentions and the importance of having them be in alignment with what God says in His Word. I have also addressed the value in eliminating fear which is a cause of doubt in your life.

This, at its basic root, is really about, who you listen to. In a meeting I recently chaired, I was told ahead of time by someone there was the potential for some difficult and challenging interpersonal hostility to take place. Having prayed for wisdom and God’s help, I did go into the meeting with a plan of approach. I suspect however I allowed the words of someone to get to me and cause some inner stress. Thus the elevated blood pressure.

It would have really been more advantageous to have followed my own advice in terms of who do I listen to and simply trusted in God’s help and my own years of experience that all would be well.

The reality is, all did go well. The group was able to move forward in a spirit of unity. As I was walking out the door one of the members of the group said to me, “This was a really good meeting, Thank you.” In that moment I recognized again, the importance of the training about who you listen to. I had allowed the negativity of one individual, who really was trying to “protect me” in a way, from simply moving forward in faith and trust in God’s ability to work in and through my life. With the event now in the past, my blood pressure has returned to normal on the day I am writing this.

As I was laying in bed later that evening the words of Proverbs 3:5-6 kept running through my mind. Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not rely on your own understanding. {6} Acknowledge him in all your ways, and he will make your paths straight.”

Look for those blind spots and seek to deal with them before they impact your life any longer. You will be better off for having done so.

September 26, 2018

Napoleon Hill in the 1925 Edition of his book, The Law of Success identifies self-confidence as a key in the process of a person living a successful life. I have written in the past about the importance of faith in the receiving of what we ask for. Napoleon Hill writes, “the development of self-confidence starts with the elimination of this demon called fear, which sits upon a man’s shoulder and whispers into his ear, ‘You can’t do it – you are afraid to try – you are afraid of public opinion – you are afraid that you will fail – you are afraid you have not the ability.’”

Fear produces doubt and doubt will defeat you every time. It is a very successful tool in the arsenal of the enemy of our souls. Understanding who you are “in Christ” is a powerful weapon in the defeat of fear. Put self-confidence into proper balance between God’s authority and your authority in the creation of the best you possible. How you perceive who you are and what you are capable of doing will in fact dictate your actions.

Zig Ziggler in his book, See You At The Top, writes about this. I resonate with what Zig writes. He says, “You cannot consistently perform in a manner that is inconsistent with the way you see yourself. Your self-image will lead you to the top of the stairway or put you on an escalator to the basement. See yourself as a deserving person and you will be – do – and have. See yourself as nondeserving and you have not. Fortunately, regardless of how you have seen yourself in the past, you now have the motivation, method and capacity to change, and change for the better. Of all the gifts our Creator gives us, surely the gift of choosing the way we wish to be is one of the greatest.”

What you think, believe, say, and intend will impact your actions which create your reality and God gave you the power to influence these things. What will you chose to do with them and how will you allow them to impact your life? Self confidence can be a powerful support, or a powerful enemy of who we are becoming in the process of the living of our purpose and the fulfilment of our destiny.