February 15, 2019

Feeling Old Is a Figment of Believing Your Negative Imagination!

After two days of high winds, snow and blowing snow the sun came out this morning. It took me twenty minutes to chop the ice to free the drive shed door from the ground to access the snow blower. Two pulls of the cord and I was on my way. Well, almost! It took some more time to get the snow blower up and over the eight inch elevation of packed snow and ice that was drifted in front of the door. Once that mission was accomplished the rest was simply time and effort to get our large driveway cleared. My daughter unburied the front walk and cleared off the vehicles so I could head out to get my blood tests done ahead of next week’s specialist appointments.

I stopped at the local drug store to pick up a specific liquid vitamin we needed for my wife. There was a new clerk at the counter and she asked me, “Do you qualify for the senior’s discount?” This made me feel good, knowing despite everything happening in my life and day, someone wasn’t sure I looked that old, or was at least attempting to be polite and make me feel good.

It seems I hear more often these days older people speaking about the not so golden years and I am reminded that our thoughts, beliefs, words, and intentions impact our actions which determine the outcomes in our life. Yes, I have had a challenging year physically, but I refuse to allow those challenges to shut me down and turn my life into a negative spiral downward.

A friend of our family was recently rushed to hospital. The word was she was bleeding internally and was likely going to need surgery. We just found out, surgery was not going to be necessary. It seems the doctor had her on too high a dose of blood thinners and that was the cause of many of her health challenges. When I tell the doctors, “I do not do drugs,” it is interesting to watch and listen to their generally, “yah but” responses.

I am not saying there is never a time and a place for taking something short term, but for me I do not want my body impacted negatively by all the side effects which come wrapped up in the pills in a bottle. Most people have no idea of the negative energetic implications on the body by what is put into it. I hope you will take the time to research this topic, most medical practitioners are clueless on this concept and will not inform you of the consequences.

I love my wife’s definition of getting old. She says, “Old is always ten years more than your current age.” Use your experience and wisdom to make up for what you may have lost in physical dexterity. Remember your spirit is still very young in light of eternity. Feeling old is a figment of believing your negative imagination! Don’t let it ruin the remaining days of your life!

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