September 9, 2019

Look for the Gold in the Midst of Challenges!

There has been a lapse in my writing of my daily blog articles as I have had a challenging time with my health in recent days. I hand wrote a number of articles while in the hospital and as I still work on the process of healing I will share these articles as I begin again. Today’s article is from day one of my latest hospital stay.

Sunday was a very challenging day. The trip to the hospital took loner than expected due to road closures in Toronto. I was twelve hours in emergency before being transferred to a room for my ongoing stay. I had nothing to eat until about seven p.m. When my wife picked me up a submarine sandwich. It was very much appreciated.

The process of three attempts to insert a catheter were certainly not pleasant. The prayers and support of those who knew what was happening were very much appreciated.

Despite all the challenges there were moments of gold and I want to acknowledge them. When I was taken into emergency I was placed in a room at the end of a hall and was the furthest bed from the door. The halls were lined with patients on cots who spent most of the day in the halls. I was blessed to have a quiet room away from all the noise and bustle in the hall.

When I was being taken to my room about 11:30 p.m. I noticed the transfer person pushed the top floor button on the elevator. I joked I was being taken to the penthouse. Once in my room I was placed in the bed by the window and had a wonderful view of the night lights of the city from my penthouse perch. The daylight view was less enchanting, but still with much activity and interesting things to view.

Look for the positive even when facing challenging moment in your life. It does help. Also remember Jesus has promised to never leave or abandon us in those challenges.

August 30, 2019

Do Not Hate Little Beginnings!

Through the years until I was married, many weekends were spent at my aunt’s house which backed onto the Grand River near Brantford, Ontario. Since my aunt was a widow and her youngest son was close to my age we spent many hours along the bank of the river. My cousin was a close friend and my best man at our wedding. Where my aunt lived, the Grand River is both wide and fairly deep as water levels are controlled by a dam down river at Caledonia.

Recently I was travelling through a part of the county where I live and crossed over a bridge marked, “The Grand River”. Our county is the headwaters for five major rivers in the province of Ontario, including The Grand River. At the point where I crossed over this bridge I noticed the river was little more than a narrow ditch with water running down it.

In thinking about what I witnessed, I was reminded we are not to despise, or hate small beginnings, because we do not know what the final outcome might be. This applies to many areas in our life. The application of faithful persistence is incredibly important.

Small does not necessarily mean meaningless, or lack of value. Remember even a small light penetrates and dispels darkness. Also, it only takes a little spark to create a large fire.

Do not diminish the value of your worth and significance in this world. You will only be the best version of you when you have a proper balance of who you are before God and others. You make a far greater impact than you realize.

August 28, 2019

Your Honesty and Integrity Matters, Don’t Waste It!

You have heard it said, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. This principle has been applied to organizations and businesses as well.

From my perspective the concept of honesty and integrity are important elements in the strength of the chain when humans are involved.

Last week my wife picked up a skid load of boxes of books for her business. When the skid was unwrapped to be loaded into our van, the employee helping her discovered all the boxes in the centre of the skid had been damaged. It appears the skid had been dropped or damaged in shipping and the boxes restacked on a different skid and rewrapped so the damage was hidden. Our skid did not arrive on time because of an “exception” in Illinois. I think we know the cause of the exception.

The lack of integrity that would seek to hide whatever took place with our skid of stock is less than I would like to see with a shipping company. What people do not give thought to is declared in Luke 8:17, “For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be known or brought out into the open” (NIV). Galatians 6:7 reminds us, “Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows” (NIV). Your honesty and integrity matters, don’t waste it!

August 27, 2019

Do the Work Now If You Desire to Succeed!

I viewed an email on my phone in which the author wrote to say he had become a free affiliate of the Global Information Network and because he was “broke” he could not become a member. He was looking for a sponsor.

My morning had been very been extremely busy and I am now sitting for my two hour scalar/rife protocol treatment as I hand write this article. As I reflected on this email there were a number of questions that came to my mind. What does this person mean by the word, “broke”? Is he living in his car? Is he homeless? Is he working more than one job attempting to make ends meet? Is his challenge because of poor uses of his resources? The answer to these questions provides valuable insight into his actual circumstances.

There is also the potential need for him to SHIFT his mindset away from the concept of “broke” if he wants transformational change and freedom in his life. He will need to ELEVATE his energetic awareness/consciousness if he wants things to change in his life. Only then will he be able to ENHANCE the quality of his life, he says he is wanting. He must SEE the need for change and be willing to make it happen.

The four basic foundational principles in the Global Information Network training are key to his moving forward. This basic training is free to everyone, but only those who will engage in the process move their lives forward. So often, people will begin the process and then hunger to learn more of the advanced training. As they do, they forget the real key and power is in continuing to work on the basics.

My suggestion to this individual will be to listen to the basic training over and over and implement the action steps provided. Also, go to a library and begin reading and implementing the training from the Basic Book list provided. Changes will happen as he does these things and he will be able to afford his membership in the future.

If he will not do what he needs to in these steps now, providing a free membership will not help him. He must be willing to help himself.

This is true for all of us. What resources do we have that would make a difference in our lives, if we implemented them? Do the work now if you desire to succeed!

August 24, 2019

Universal Principles or Constant Change, Where’s the Balance for You?

In 1980 I sold all my CB equipment and bought my first computer, a VIC 20. A few years later I bought an Atari 128 computer, joined a local Atari club with some amazing programmers and used that computer for almost a decade. It was about 1993 when I first entered into the world of Microsoft.

I remembered how excited I was when I bought my first 500 mg hard drive. I thought I would never fill such a thing with all that memory. Today, the hard drive in my computer holds 2 terabytes and I have purchased compression software in order to increase its capacity to hold more data.

The new computer I will be picking up next week comes with a 500 g solid state hard drive. I wonder, will that be big enough to run the operating system and my programs. I will be adding a two terabyte hard drive for data storage.

Things in our world are constantly changing and we must be willing to adapt, at least in some areas of life. There are universal principles however that do not change, regardless of what humanity thinks or does. If we ignore these principles we do so to our own peril. It is wise to consider, if all change is better.

You would expect me to say, God’s Word, “The Holy Bible” is something that is unchanging in a continually changing world. There is a sense in which this is very true. However, our understanding of those universal unchanging principles must be connected to a process that may need to be changed.

Remember, “The Holy Bible” was not originally written in English, or for that matter most of the languages of our day. What we have are translations of the originals. That does not mean they should not be considered as the inspired Word of God. It means they are translations.

When you have a language like English, which is subject to change and differences of word meanings and understandings depending on the region of the world you are in, updates and changes to the translation may be necessary to stay relevant and true to the unchanging principles of what God’s Word is really saying.

It is important to make sure that the translation of God’s Word you use, in whatever language you speak, is relevant to the period of time and area of the world in which you live. To be accurate to the principles of the original is necessary, but so is being able to communicate these principles in ways people can understand. Universal Principles or Constant Change, Where’s the Balance for You?