February 3, 2019

What Do You Need in Your Life Today?

What do you need today? Where you live, what your energetic awareness is, your health, financial resources, life’s expectations, and a number of other factors will dictate how you respond to that question.

There are basic needs every person has like, air, water, food, sleep, shelter, relationships and stimulation for growth, but beyond these the list of needs become personal and individualized. It is those needs which are often the motivation that drives us to pray. This type of prayer is identified as “petitions.” In such a case we are asking God for something and it is often very specific in nature.

When Jesus taught His disciples the principles of “The Lord’s Prayer,” His focus was on our building a positive, healthy relationship with His Heavenly Father. Jesus dealt with needs, but again it was in connection to our relationship to the Source of all, who had the power and love to meet those needs.

Take the time to reflect on just what it was that Jesus thought important enough for us to address when we pray. You can find out in Matthew 6:9-13. Read it for yourself. You might even want to read the verses that come immediately before verse nine, because they also provide insight into prayer.

Petitions are only a portion of what prayer really is. Gratitude, praise and appreciation ought to be found as well. It takes time, effort and commitment on your part to perfectly align your life with pure, selfless love (holiness) and build out the relationship with the Heavenly Father. This is something else you may need in your life.

What Do You Need in Your Life Today? Go to the Source for your answer.

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