August 23, 2019

What You Wear Reveals Your Intentions and Helps Create Your Reality!

I apologize for the fact there have been no daily blog articles this week. My trip to the hospital on Monday morning for the removal of my 12 to 14 inch stint did not go as expected. After its removal I was not able to urinate and we were not able to leave the hospital until I could go. I will not bother with details, but after a brief consult with the doctor before heading home, that day became a very dark and challenging day for me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. My recovery from this procedure began to improve mid week when my daughter discovered a scalar/rife frequency specifically designed to clear and help the urethra (you are not allowed to use the word “heal” in such situations by most governments of the world).

I also began my two hour per day scalar/rife protocol this week. Since the doctor on Monday made it clear he would be pushing for radiation and other procedures at my next appointment in early October, I am looking to provide positive evidence to offset his approach to my situation.

I was well enough for a quick trip to the bank and post office in town yesterday. While I was out, I noticed a significant number of vehicles parked at the local Legion. During a weekday afternoon this almost always signifies a funeral “tea” is being hosted. I also witnessed a group of about ten people walking from the parking lot of a nearby plaza towards the Legion. The plaza parking lot is often used when the Legion lot is full.

Having watched funeral events in our community for the last 24 years, both as a pastor, leading the event and as a outside observer, with the exception of seniors, the clothing generally worn to funerals tends to be what I would describe as more casual. This was not true of the group of ten I saw yesterday. The men were all in dark suits and the women all wore dresses. This fact caught my immediate attention.

My mentor, Joel Bauer, teaches about the importance of our appearance and how we want to be perceived by others. What is the message we want to express, whether we are going to a funeral, to school, to church, or anywhere else?

We seem to live in a culture which has reacted against the idea, people “dress up” to be seen. This is self-centred selfish approach to life is not what God intended for us. God is looking for to align our lives with pure, selfless love (holiness). What as been lost, in the move to “casualness,” is the importance of understanding how we present ourselves is a reflection of what we believe about ourselves, in relation to God and others.

Does what we choose to wear fit the situation we are in? What do our clothes say about our intentions? It does not matter if your best does not measure up to someone else’s standards of best. If it is your best, then you know, God knows it and it will energetically make a difference in your life and how you feel about yourself. Don’t allow anyone to look down on your best and negatively impact you. Your intentions are the force that will move you forward. What you wear and how you look is far more important than most people realize, because it reveals your intentions and helps create your reality!

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