August 18, 2019

Do Your Best and Leave the Rest With God!

This article is being delayed in its release today deliberately. It has not happen very often over 45 years, but on this the 112th anniversary service of our congregation, I have struggled with health challenges the last two weeks and even more so with the content of what would make up the message. Everything I attempted to put together did not seem to come close to my expectations of what I was desiring to do. Having printed my sermon before beginning to write this article I must say I am not particularly happy with what is printed on the paper. I do know in the past when such a situation has arisen, the Holy Spirit has taken my efforts and greatly blessed and used them to touch the hearts and lives of people in that moment. Sometimes some aspects of the sermon changed on the fly, at other times, little changed, but God intervened. That is what I am praying again will happen. The rest of this article will be written after the service has been completed. I will report what happens.

After a very busy morning of preparation for the BBQ and corn boil, the service and the fellowship time there was the tear down and a short nap before I arrived to finish this article. I am thankful and grateful for the Holy Spirit’s help and strength through the service. I leave the results of how people will actually respond to God. Time will tell on the impact on lives. I was able to get through the fellowship time before physically crashing, thus the nap. I am going back to finish it when this is posted. Sometimes all you can do, is do your best and leave the rest with God!

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