August 13, 2019

Is the Result I Want Really Worth All the Effort?

In the course of conversation within our family recently a topical challenge came up we are facing. This is different from the health challenges we are all seeking to work through. The soonest we can get our dog into the vet is Wednesday. I suspect we are all becoming tired across all realms of existence.

I decided to write out the outcome we were looking for on our topical challenge and then list the steps we could take to bring it to reality. The first steps were all things I am more than capable of addressing.

The items at the end of the list were things that would need to be tackled if the outcome was achieved. These things were really important, because there must be a willingness and passion to fulfill them if there is to be a manifestation of the result we say we want. This means we need to have mental, emotional, physical and spiritual alignment with the outcome.

Jesus asked a man who could not walk if he wanted to be healed (John 5:6). This seems on the surface to be a strange question, but is it really? Change can be difficult. It can also bring a higher level of responsibility and accountability. These two items alone can be enough to cause many people to opt for the status quo in their life.

As I built out the list of responsibilities if we achieved our outcome, I began to question, “Is this outcome really what I want?” In fact I asked God for a little more time to consider the options before making a final decision.

Later in the afternoon I met someone I knew as I was leaving the post office. This individual engaged me in a conversation which revealed the importance of why I needed to consider choosing to move forward to address our topical challenge.

This process was another reminder of understanding the significance of focussing on our goals and dreams, rather than on the how we get there.

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