August 10, 2019

Your Thoughts, Determine Your Character, Your Career, Indeed Your Every Day Life!

I have been saying and writing for years, “What you think, believe, say and intend matters, because it impacts your actions, which determine the outcomes in your life.”

In my reading yesterday morning I came across the words from Claude M. Bristol in his book, “The Magic of Believing.” He wrote, “Your thoughts, those that predominate, determine your character, your career, indeed your every day life. Thus it becomes easy to understand what is meant by the statement that a man’s thoughts make or break him. And when we realize that there can be no action or reaction, either good or bad, without the generating force of thought initiating it, the Biblical saying, ‘For whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap,’ and Shakespeare’s words, ‘There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so,’ become more intelligible.”

Your thoughts matter. Absolutely everything you do in your life is the result of a thought, whether conscious or subconscious, positive or negative, good or evil. We choose what thoughts we reject and what thoughts we entertain and accept. Our beliefs build from those thoughts we accept. This is true both in terms of our faith beliefs and in terms of the foundational beliefs by which we live our lives. Our beliefs power our words and intentions, which then through our actions manifest our reality.

A couple of days ago I was having a challenge with what I thought was more bladder stones. This may have been true, but my real issue was a bladder infection. It was in the middle of the night when the infection thought came to my mind. I still had an empty antibiotic bottle that addresses this challenge. I understand enough about energy and frequencies to know words, both spoken and written have power. I placed the empty antibiotic bottle label down on our scalar frequency machine and sat in the field. Within one and a half hours my bladder responded positively to my actions, which began as a thought.

I am thankful and grateful to God for the opportunity to have access to the powerful training related to our thoughts. If this information is new to you, seek to learn more. If it is familiar, remember to use it effectively for yourself, your family and others.

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