August 9, 2019

Be Mindful What You Release Into the World Through What You Say!

I was listening earlier this week to the Global Information Network Membership Development audio in which my dear departed friend, Mary Miller was speaking about the importance of keeping our first line of defence against illness, our energy field, healthy. The next morning I opened Annette Capps’ book, “Reverse The Curse In Your Body and Emotions” to the next chapter I was reading. She quoted Proverbs 18:14 which declares, “A man’s spirit sustains him in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear?” (NIV). She went on to write, “You may be physically weak, but if your spirit is strong, eventually your body will get well. But when your spirit is broken, and hopeless, hurt, disappointment, and rejection take over, you can be destroyed not only emotionally, but physically.”

I immediately thought of my dear friend and mentor, Fred Van Liew. A couple of weeks ago Fred posted a wonderful picture of himself on Face Book. It was his birthday. I commented to my daughter about how healthy and well Fred looked. Later that day Fred collapsed on the floor and died. He had to be resuscitated five times before he was stabilized. Then he underwent triple bypass surgery and now should be released from hospital about the time you read this article.

For those who can read energy and spiritual auras, it is obvious from his birthday picture Fred’s spirit and faith were strong to have survived what he went through. Before his surgery he wrote to a friend declaring his commitment to attend an event schedule to begin in late October. By God’s grace and mercy he will be able to keep that commitment.

God’s Word tells us we get what we say, because it reflects what we believe. I have another long term friend who recently has been placed in palliative care and is in her last days. She has been declaring this outcome for many months and now it is her reality.

Protect your energy field. Protect your spirit. Be mindful what you release into the world through what you say! This is important in more ways than most people realize.

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