June 15, 2019

Live Your Life From Your Hub of Passion and Purpose!

Time passes quickly, so you might as well choose to live your passion and purpose rather than let it slip away without any attention as to why you are here on this earth. Forty-five plus years have passed since I first walked through the doors of a small country church which was locked with a padlock and had an outhouse to take care of important other business. In many ways it seems like this event was only a short time ago.

I was sitting thinking about those first years of ministry and remembered something I had forgotten. God had given me a picture which I had firmly planted in my mind. In one sense, it was a graphical vision. I saw the rural community we were to serve (our jurisdiction) as a big bicycle type wheel with many spokes radiating out from a central hub. In the centre of the wheel was the Egypt Church, the hub that was connected outward to all that happened within its sphere of influence. Everything that happened at the church was related to making that vision become a reality. My passion and purpose were part of that time period.

Now, at a time when I am approaching my 70th birthday in a couple of months, and most of my peers have retired, I am asking myself, what will I do with my remaining time on this plane of existence? What is my passion and what is my purpose not just for today, but the comings days? What is the graphical image I see for the church I serve in Shelburne?

I conduct services in local nursing homes on a regular basis and there are individuals in those homes who are younger than I am, whose life, from outward appearances and actions seem to be pretty much over. They are simply existing and putting in time until there is no more time for them. That is something that I am not interested in participating in. From my perspective, feeling better than I have in a long time, I still have much to accomplish towards a renewed purpose with an increased passion.

While my hub has been Shelburne, Ontario for the last almost 24 years, it is still my hub. What has changed is the size of my jurisdiction. Now, through the use of technology, anyone, anywhere in the world is someone to be influenced for the Kingdom of God. My training in recent years has helped me to understand my stewardship responsibility to influence and impact, not just the physical realm we live in, but also the spiritual and energetic realms, for the Kingdom of God.

I am looking for individuals who are like minded, committed and willing to come alongside us, to make this world we live in, better as a result. Yes there is a hub, but at the same time there are points of contact all around by which we can accomplish mighty things in the name of Jesus for our Heavenly Dad. I invite you to join with me so that together this vision will become a reality. Additionally, I encourage you to also live your life from your hub of passion and purpose which just might intersect with mine so we are working together as part of God’s team!

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