July 14, 2019

Don’t Allow What Emerges as a Roadblock Ruin Your Day!

Over the years a have watched a number of “Hallmark” movies where an author has come up against writer’s block. The solution usually involves some connection to someone of the opposite sex who through a series of events inspires the author to become creative and inspired and start writing again.

Yesterday was a busy day. By the late afternoon I sat on my lazy boy chair for a short rest. Our kitten MacGyver climbed up and stayed. Our other kitten, Riley comes and stays regularly, but MacGyver, rarely does.

Since I am tired and have no intention of leaving the house for the rest of the day, and have been happily married for almost 48 years, I do not expect a series of events with some unknown person to spark an emotional, creative inspirational experience.

In the midst of handwriting this article MacGyver found something better to do and left. Riley showed up to take his place on my lap, so my excuse for sitting and resting was renewed. My saga of an afternoon rest time continues to play out.

When you come up against an unexpected road block in your life, rather than get frustrated and upset, look for a way to turn it into a positive story in your journey of life. I got to stay longer on my chair and finish this article because Riley showed up abd blessed me with her purring.

This is not earth shattering news, but a reason to rest a little longer and turn the time into a positive experience, while getting the article written. Don’t allow what emerges as a roadblock ruin your day!

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