June 12, 2019

Judging Invites Guilt and Determines Blame! This Includes Yourself!

Today I have a nursing home service, which I had forgotten about. Fortunately I discovered this yesterday, so I had some time to prepare. Usually, I simply take a previous service I have preached and adapt it. But since I have only preached twice since my last visit to this nursing home I do not have anything fresh to draw on. My last two message were my 45th anniversary service and last Sunday was the longest message I have ever preached in the 45 years, plus a week. Neither are appropriate.

What I did discover was I had already covered, in a sermon, a portion of Scripture I was looking to use this Sunday. Therefore I need to shift what I was going to say this week. It is okay, because I only need to do a short reminder of what has been and then I can move on to an aspect of the Shepherd’s Psalm that is not talked about in the church. I will have time to address this without worry of being long winded. It is all good.

I want to put something before you today that I believe is an important concept you might want to consider. Just because you look at something in your life and it did not work out as you thought it should, acknowledge responsibility, but do not blame, or assign fault to your self. When you do, you are judging yourself and you are under the same universal principles of sowing and reaping that applies when you do this with others. Jesus did not sin, yet He judged the religious leaders in order to push then to take action on His life. He reaped the consequences of His judging. When we willfully transgress a known law of God, it is sin, and sin separates us in terms of our relationship with God. Remember, when we have said YES to the relationship with God, “There is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” (Romans 8:1). There is no blame or fault, just accountability. Judging assumes there is guilt and assesses blame. God does not do this as He looks at you, so why should you? You are not doing yourself any favours. STOP IT! This is a restricted area and do not enter!

Every choice we make may have an outcome, but that does not give us a right to beat up on ourselves. If it was not a willful transgression then there is no fault. If you need to change things, do so and move forward. Judging invites guilt and determines blame! This includes yourself!

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