June 10, 2019

Never Quit on Your Dream or Passion! They Are Too Important!

I was reflecting recently on a training by my mentor, Joel Bauer and came to an important insight for me. Joel is very passionate about each of his mentees discovering their purpose and passionately living it out.

Over the last number of years I have worked on clarifying and becoming more proficient regarding who I am and what I do. For me, it has been a slow process, but I have stayed with it and by God’s grace and Joel’s encouragement I have made progress. The picture attached to this article is an original painting which hangs on the wall in our family room. Practical dreamers ought to also be passionate about what it they want as well as keeping with the process.

What I recently realized as I am now more consistent and specific in taking quiet time to think and reflect, is my health challenge was having an impact on my overall passion level in terms of my progress. I would also be quick to admit my need to still get out of my own way so that progress could be faster. In the midst of my challenge that impacted my passion level, I also realized that my ongoing commitment to the process was never destroyed. I would not quit! For that I am thankful and grateful.

I came across an interesting illustration about passion I want to share with you. It was about a conversation a young man supposedly had with Socrates. The young man asked Socrates how he could get wisdom. Socrates response, “Come with me.” He took the young man to a river, pushed his head under the water, held it there until he was gasping for air. When he released his head and the young man regained his composure, Socrates asked him, What did you desire most when you were under the water?” The response was, “I wanted air.” Socrates then laid out the lesson to be learned. He said, “When you want wisdom as much as you wanted air while under the water, you will receive it.” Do you have that level of passion and desire for your dream?

In the last few weeks, as I have begun to feel better than in the last number of years. I have noticed my passion level rising naturally in response to the feel better feeling. My energetic passion level of “normal” has begun to improve. Has it reached optimal level? Not yet, but it is moving in the right direction.

What about you? Have you determined what your dream is Are you passionate about it? Have you considered what may be negatively impacting, or hindering you from pursuing your dream with passion? If you do not work on this you will never achieve the best version of you possible. The stewardship of your life is a spiritual matter for which you are accountable. Keep working on the process. Don’t give up! Trust God to reveal your next step to get you where you need to be. Never quit on your dream or passion! They are too important!

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