June 28, 2019

Anticipate and Plan for Your Future With Great Joy!

This week has provided an opportunity to experience much anticipation. In just a few hours MacGyver will be arriving home with my wife. This little kitten was a humane society rescue sold through the PetSmart store. This was a picture taken shortly before the paperwork was completed to bring him home.

We are also currently working on preparations for the 45th anniversary celebration on Sunday, June 30th of when I began pastoral ministry. Anticipation is also high for all that is planned for the day. I am also anticipating preaching for the first time since my surgery. There is much to be thankful and grateful for. If you would like to send greetings, testimonials etc. go to www.BobMcLellan.com/anniversary.

This event looks back at the past, but it also contains some elements of reveal in regards to the future. Something else to anticipate and be excited about. It is my hope that you are anticipating and planning for that which will excite you and bless you and others in and through your life. I realize just how important this is, as I reflect upon some darker days in my recent past. Jesus came that you might have life and live it to the full (John 10:10). Don’t disappoint Him or yourself. Anticipate and plan for your future with great joy!

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