June 9, 2019

Find Your Purpose, and Fulfil It! Live Out Your Destiny!

After a particularly difficult day physically a couple of days ago, I was grateful to wake up feeling significantly better yesterday, so my wife and daughter both went to day two of the denomination meetings in Toronto. With no one but me monitoring my activity for the day, I decided to beginning pursuing a project I want to launch in the fall of this year.

In 2008 I spent the entire year dealing with the foundational basics of the Christian faith. I want to do this again, but this time seeking to apply the principles of The SEE Method of Living, using languaging which is current to today, while maintaining the truth of God’s Word. As I looked at some of the messages from more than a decade ago, I could see I was already seeking to apply some of those ideas. It provided me with a glimpse into how God has been working in my life to bring me to where I am today.

I took the time to read the annual report of the National Director of the denomination of which I have been a pastor for the last 45 years. This was only his second report and I was excited with what I read regarding his vision for the future. I understand that his report was written for a specific group of people, but at the same time it reminded my of my calling and challenge to SHIFT the mindset of people towards transformational freedom and expression through communicating the message of God’s Word in ways that people will listen, understand and apply.

There is great power inherently contained in God’s Word, but it can only be accessed and fully released through the Holy Spirit’s guidance. We must help others to understand the importance of ELEVATING our energetic conciousness/awareness. Until we do, we are responding to life like a car that is not running on all its cylinders. In fact we are limiting our God given potential unless we do.

I believe everyone desires to improve, or ENHANCE in some way, the quality of their life. Living our purpose and fulfilling our destiny is a valuable component to enjoying an enhanced quality of life. This is why it is so important that the foundational basics of faith and our relationship with God, through His Son Jesus need to be built out in ways that are understandable and compelling.

I am grateful for my restoration process that is now allowing me to again reconnect with my passion, purpose and destiny. Find out what yours is and pursue it with all your heart. Find your purpose, and fulfil it! Live out your destiny!

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