June 8, 2019

Your Flexibility Determines the Ultimate Excellence of Your Life!

Our family is almost continuously in flexibly mode. I woke up in the night with a new set of challenges, I had not experienced to this point. I am not sure whether it was the result of something from the surgery, or because I climbed onto the riding mower a couple of times the day before. Once to get it started for the first time of the season and the second time when it needed to be started out in the back forty field. The trip to get to the mower for the second start was long and through grass that was literally under water and over uneven ground. I do not know if I pulled some muscles. We have also had a virus type of symptom that has gone through our household in the last week that manifests in muscles that let you know they are there. Maybe this was the cause.

Since my wife and daughter were to be away the whole day, we shifted gears and my daughter drove to the all day meeting while my wife stayed home. This provided an opportunity for me to have someone to keep an eye on me and for her to get some needed rest.

Then I woke up from an afternoon nap to the call that my wife’s computer was doing strange things. After some initial diagnostics I discovered her monitor had chosen that time to die. Pulling a monitor from another computer has her up and working again. This may not seem like much to you, but it felt good for me to have been able to trouble shoot and deal with this situation. I was able to help when it was my situation which caused all the changes in the day.

We will determine how tomorrow plays out, based upon how I feel overnight. Both my wife and daughter are to attend the out of town meetings again tomorrow. The call for flexibility does not go away, just because the day changes. How you adapt to change will determine what kind of a day you will have. It is important. Your flexibility determines the ultimate excellence of your life!

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