June 5, 2019

How Passionate Are You in Accomplishing What You Do?

Monday was a very physically challenging day. I had taken time early in the day working on things I needed to do, like writing the daily blog article, spending time walking, etc. While I am seeing improvement every day, my energy level for extended activity is still short of what it used to be. In the afternoon I received an email stating the Joel Bauer would be having a special training session for a small group of people starting at 5:30 p.m. my time and I was eligible to be part of the group.

I know the importance and value energetically of being connected live, in the moment, over watching a replay. There are certainly benefits in being able to stop, rewind and work through training through replays, but the energy of the live interaction carries important value to the recipients.

I made a decision I would be on that live webinar training and would stick with it, no matter how long it took. The training in fact lasted four hours and the content was worth every effort to stay connected in the moment. After it was over, I physically shook for about 45 minutes, but only those who were privy to the training have the opportunity to understand just how powerful and beneficial that time was. I cannot thank Joel enough for his time and commitment in a very busy schedule to have made this webinar training possible.

The importance of knowing who to listen to in your life is extremely important. Finding the mentors who have the experience and ability to communicate wisdom along with information is so important and valuable in our life.

As my health and strength improves, there is so much that I can incorporate into what I do to make me more competent and effective in what it is I do, just from this training session alone.

What is it I do? I invite people to say YES to the relationship with God through His Son Jesus so they can SEE the difference living by His universal principles can make in the quality of their life and those around them.

How passionate are you in accomplishing what you do?

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