May 13, 2019

I Can’t, I Won’t, I Am Unable! You Are Right!

Have you ever wondered how and why our society today in North America has become so cynical, sceptical and negative in its approach to life? I was sitting down folding some flyers my daughter had created for inclusion in orders for my wife’s business. While doing this I began thinking about all the excuses we have heard about why people were not willing to take action on the offer being presented to them.

I also thought about all the reasons our family has found to take as much action as we could. We could have personally used most of the excuses that the majority of people have chosen and deemed them valid for us. The difference was we didn’t. As I thought about the why, I realized, maybe step number two of The SEE Method of Living has really taken hold on our life. That step focusses on the importance of “Elevating your energetic/conscious awareness for the full deployment of your inherent potential.”

Perhaps there must be an internal willingness to SEE beyond the negative boundaries to catch a vison of what may be creatively accomplished. I have to admit as a person with a melancholy temperament and the spiritual gift of prophet, I approached life for a number of years from the perspective of, identify the worst scenario, so you can be pleasantly surprised when it doesn’t happen. Now I know, to focus on what I want, so it can become a reality in my life. This was how Jesus lived out His life.

When distilled down, most of the excuses I hear really come from a motivation of fear and a focus on lack. People do not believe they have enough and are afraid they might lose what they do have if they take any kind of a risk to create something better. Thus they cannot SEE how they can possibly proceed. As I thought about this, I began to realize some new aspects in Jesus’s story about the King who invited people to a wedding banquet. The invited guests proceeded to provided a variety of excuses why they could not attend. On the surface, the “reasons” appeared to have some validity, but the king was very upset by their response. Perhaps more was going on, than appeared on the surface.

Good stewardship of our life and resources is not just about protecting what we have, but using what we have in ways that will benefit the one we serve. The individual with the one talent in another of Jesus’ stories even used the word “fear” in how he responded to what was in his possession (Matthew 25:25). Jesus had harsh words for the individual who in fear, was unwilling to take what he had and use it to gain more (Matthew 25:28-29).

Could it be that fear blocks faith which in turns attempts to cover itself up with excuses as to why we can’t move forward? Maybe understanding (elevating our energetic/conscious awareness) our responsibility and accountability for refusing to accept the risk and implementing faith may provide an incentive to move forward when we should? I can’t, I won’t, I am unable! You are right!

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