May 12, 2019

God’s Blessings to All the Mothers, Past, Present and Future!

Some families will celebrate every special occasion they can, while others seem to let these events slip by quietly. This applies to birthdays, anniversaries, special graduations, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day and a whole lot of others times in the year.

Today is Mother’s Day and many people will have elaborate celebrations planned. Some will quietly remember their mother who is no longer on this plain of existence. Perhaps there will be some who harbour negative or even strong negative emotions over past events connected to their mother. There may be some who even oppose this event for political correctness issues. Whatever our stance might be, the importance of and recognition of the value of a mother is important.

In Romans 14:5 we read, “One man considers one day more sacred than another; another man considers every day alike. Each one should be fully convinced in his own mind.” I happen to be a person that tends toward the each day being more alike and have not been big on the elaborate celebration, end of things. My daughter has followed my footsteps in this. On the other hand, my son has married into a family where special days are far more highly celebrated. Finding the balance becomes a bit of a challenge as you have a situation where these two viewpoints come into close proximity. Both are valid, both contain elements of preference and conviction.

Just be aware that the enemy of our souls will use this difference against us, if we allow him to. Communication is important in such situations. While I may not be a person of high celebration, I have always been the first to acknowledge our anniversary. On one special anniversary I planned a secret special celebration which I handled completely wrong. Because I planned this early and involved others for its implementation, I did not respond with any excitement, or enthusiasm to whatever my wife suggested for that day. I was truly attempting to keep the secret a secret. By the day of the anniversary I was multi-levels below ground in the dog house. To this day, many years later, my not usually celebrationalist attempt at celebration is still remembered. It would be my suggestion that this topic ought to be a matter of pre-marriage discussion.

God’s blessings to all the mothers, past, present and future.

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