May 11, 2019

Learn From Other’s Mistakes, So You Don’t Make Them Yourself!

Our family is dealing with an issue that came to light at this time as a result of a decision we made three to four years ago. I will not go into any details because our training tells us there are no bad decisions, just choices that effect segments of our journey. This issue came to light for us as a result of a family conversation and some personal reflection.

About four years ago we made a choice upon the recommendation of a friend we respected. Then about a year later we rescinded the choice and followed a different route. We listened to a negative voice at that time. This has become another opportunity to learn the lesson, to follow your gut in the process of who do you listen to. We did not know what we didn’t know at the time.

On the day I am writing this I suddenly started to gain a perspective and clarity, from the ether and by the Holy Spirit’s illumination into a possible outcome that resulted from our first decision and a possible outcome from our second decision. We have been investigating the time line of events over these last four years. What we dicovered was in complete alignment with what was just revealed. WOW!

I have to say, God has been good through this aspect of our journey, as we seek to find our way to the place of our original intention. We have yet to figure out the steps to get us back on track with the first choice, but since so much clarity has been gained today, I am sure they will become clear quickly.

This is not the time to mourn what could of been, but to look to adjust the present to achieve the future yet to be. This is something I can get excited about. The tips in this article have been put there to save you years in your search for the fulfilment of your purpose and destiny. We can learn from other’s mistakes so we do not have to make them ourselves.

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