April 25, 2019

Deliberately Organize Your Life Pieces to Reveal Your Passionate Dream!

What is it you are passionate about? Do you know? Can you clearly and concisely say what it is? Napoleon Hill makes it clear that if we want to succeed in our life we must define our dream and get a burning desire for its achievement. Knowing your passion is not the same as doing it. We must take action for it to become a reality in our life. It will take some effort on your part in order to actually reach the place where you get clear on what it is you ought to be doing in terms of living your purpose and fulfilling your destiny. If you leave the pieces of your life in an undefined pile you will never be what you ought to be. Arrange them as they were designed so they spell out to the world what it is you offer.

Personally, it was more than 50 years ago that I knew I was called by God to be a minister. But understanding what that really meant in terms of who God created me to be, as an individual, has been an ongoing process of understanding. For many years, I simply accepted the traditional expression of who such a person ought to be in terms of what I did and how I did it. It was my calling, it was my passion, but it was not how I was to live out my life, based upon my own, unique personal gifts and experiences.

I have also learned that we ought to bring this same perspective into our relationship with God. He is not looking for us to be cookie cutter versions of what it means to be a “Christian.” If we are to be the best version of our self possible, then it would be good to know and understand what that individual ought to be like and act like in all relationships, including the one with our Creator.

If you are living your life, looking for and waiting for the weekend to arrive, then you not living your dream and living with a passion for its achievement. You might want to consider some changes that will move you from drifting away your life, to seeing each day as an exciting opportunity to be filled with joy, knowing you are being and doing the very thing you were placed on this planet to succeed in. Deliberately organize your life pieces to reveal your passionate dream!

April 23, 2019

Your Character Fitness Is More Important Than Your Physical Fitness!

I have recently started to reread Napoleon Hills’ book, “The Law Of Success” (1925 Edition). I am doing this for a very specific reason with a specific outcome in mind. This book is actuality a course that outlines the universal principles for a successful life. My wife is currently reading Dr. David Hawkin’s book, “Power vs. Force.” There are some important connections between the information shared in those books.

Recently in a Face Book encounter I was accosted by someone who attacked both my faith and my age in a manner that very obviously demonstrated his character and the energetic vibrational frequency of his life. Whether he knew what he was doing or not, he attempted to place a curse on my life, because my viewpoint of life was not in alignment with his entitlement position. I am very appreciative for the training and insights I have received from my mentors over the years that allowed me to instantly see what was really going on in this situation and respond accorrdingly.

When you take the time to invest in the quality of your own life and apply the universal principles for success you will be rewarded. The disparity between the rich and the poor in our world can be diminished in a person’s life if they are willing to make choices which will bring the appropriate outcomes.

I did not grow up in an atmosphere of wealth. All through our married years, now almost 48, our annual combined income would have been classified, by government standards, as among the poor. Only in the last few years has been our income been high enough to even pay any income tax at the year end. We have never owned our own home. At the same time we have never perceived ourselves as poor. We found the resources to home educate our children through highschool and proceeded to find ways to continue our own educational processes. We have worked hard and long hours and have found creative ways to not only tithe to God, but invest small amounts, which will make a difference in our lifestyle in the coming years, should we choose.

To those who want to make changes in our world I say, “What you think, what you believe, what you say and what you intend matters, because it impacts your actions which will determine your outcomes in life.” Work on the quality of your character. This is more important than physical fitness. In the process you just might discover the quality of your life will also improve. Your character fitness is more important than your physical fitness!

April 23, 2019

Remember Your Legacy and Be Energetically Blessed!

A couple of days ago my wife was going through some file drawers sorting and seeking to eliminate paper when she came across a old file with letters that my grandmothers had written to us in the year following our marriage. We had gotten married on a Saturday and moved out of the province to attend school on the Monday. I was to begin my educational process towards becoming a minister. We were an oddity that first year as we arrived on campus as a newly married couple. Our first day of school, someone suggested that students of the opposite sex should not be caught holding hands. Once they got over the shock that we were married, that seemed to make it okay. I believe someone even suggested I had robbed the cradle.

After the first year, my wife worked full time during the week and took some evening courses. I took an overload of credits and worked part time with my wife on weekends to support the education process so I could graduate with my degree a year early.

It was into this aspect of our journey of life that these letters from my grandmothers were written to us. Both grandmothers were not in good health at the time and only lived less than two and a half years after we moved out of province.

I have very little memory of my maternal grandmother as she had been in a veteran’s hospital for a number of years before I got married and the hospital was a two hour drive each way. Those letters, which I did not know even existed, provided a reconnection back to someone who obviously loved us dearly. Her expression of faith in God was not something I even remembered. My fraternal grandmother was a very godly woman and her faith shone through in those letters. Her husband, who died when I was a young teenager, had always prayed specifically for me and that there would be a McLellan who would preach the Word around the world. His prayer has been fulfilled as we now broadcast our church services through the internet to the world.

I went looking through my library shelves, as I was writing this article, and found two of my Grandpa McLellan’s Bibles. The one Bible has the date written in it when my grandmother gave it to me. It was a month before we got married and were planning to head out to begin my ministerial training. That Bible contains my grandpa’s testimony of when he said Yes to the relationship with God through His Son, Jesus, and of his desire to live out this commitment for the rest of his life, which he did.

This has been a very emotionally packed few days as I have reflected with gratitude on the legacy faith of those who have gone before me and are now part of the great crowd of witnesses. Take time to remember those who have positively impacted your life in the past. Even if your legacy does not appear to be very positive, learning what not to do, from it and be better for those who follow you. Remember your legacy and be energetically blessed!

April 22, 2019

Luke 11:23 records a statement of Jesus which is not often given much attention. Jesus declared, “He who is not with me is against me, and he who does not gather with me, scatters.” In our world where political correctness is given so much emphasis and ‘religious” tolerance is demanded, this statement of Jesus does not seem to measure up to certain standards of thinking.

The challenge we face as followers of Jesus is that we have also been instructed that we will reap what we sow. Both of these are universal principles that exist in our world. Our task is to find the path that allows us to be true to these principles while maintaining moral high ground.

There is no room to be indifferent, or opposed to saying YES to the relationship with God through His Son, Jesus the Messiah. Fence sitting is not an option. You are either a child of God, or you are not. Your choice will be reflected in your thoughts, beliefs, words, intentions and actions. It will also determine your reality and outcomes in life.

There are some who will attempt to use and blame others for their outcomes. Just because some people allow their hair to grow long does not prove barbers do not exist. It simply means some people do not chose to cut their hair. Just because some people are poor examples of what a follower of Jesus ought to look like, does not negate the reality of God and His Word and its impact and power in people’s lives. It simply means some people are poor examples.

If we make the choice to be influenced by limiting lies, our life will manifest that result. If we chose to allow the liberating power of relationship with God to be manifest in our life, that will be our outcome.

I was given the opportunity yesterday to chose how I would respond to someone who placed themself in opposition to Jesus. I am thankful for mentors who taught me how to recognize and deal with people who are more than willing to actively engage in energetic attacks against those who are not in alignment with Jesus. This is something we need to prepare for. It is important to put on the full armour of God (Ephesians 6:10ff).

Joshua called the people of God to make a choice as to whom they would serve. He concludes with the words, “But as for me and my household, we will serve Yahweh” (Joshua 24:15). The choice of your allegiance determines your reality now!

April 21, 2019

Embrace the Benefits of the Gift God Provides for You!

I purchased several years ago a digitally reduced replica of the Shroud of Turin, which hangs in the hall for all to see when they enter the front door. It is not only a visual reminder of the sacrifice of which Jesus made to bring reconciliation between God and ourselves, but it is also a visual reminder that death could not contain Him. Jesus is alive! He has risen! The tomb is empty!

Beyond the visual reminder is the energetic impact that continuously radiates into our home and lives of the amazing demonstration of God’s love for us not just on Resurrection Sunday, but all year long. You do know that everything is energy and symbols produce very powerful energetic frequencies, right?

The resurrection of Jesus is the validation of the work He finished on the Cross of Calvary. What remains is for you to be willing to say YES to the relationship with God that He made possible. You have the potential to be set fee from the guilt and bondage of your rebellion and opposition to God, should you be willing to choose to do so.

This is the “Good News” message from “God’s Friday” and Resurrection Sunday. I encourage you to embrace the benefits of the gift God provides for you now and for eternity!