April 30, 2019

Be on Time! Make It Part Of Your DNA Vibration!

If there was one trait my mother taught me when I was young that stuck fast with me. It was the importance of always being on time. When I was first going out with the young lady who became my wife, it used to amaze her family how I was always consistently just ahead of the time I was to be at her house. It was a half hour drive to get there. It was long after our marriage that I revealed my secret. I would leave early and park on the side of the road just out of sight of her parents house and leave at the right time to be on time. My wife’s family was not as committed to being on time as I was. Even to this day, I am always looking to leave early so as to be at my destination on time, while my wife attempts to do just one more thing before we leave.

When I joined the Global Information Network nine years ago I was thrilled at the training regarding the importance of fulfilling your commitments by being on time. When I first started in the ministry I have made it a point that the services I was in charge of would always start on time. Time is important. Not just my time, but everyone else’s as well. This is one reason I have to work on patience when it comes to long delays in doctor’s offices beyond you scheduled appointment time.

Yesterday as I was reading in Dean Del Seto’s book, “Shift Your Thinking” and I came across this statement, “The time frame that reflects well on our character and our outcomes is to be early and well prepared, every time, without fail.”

Dean concluded his article by stating, If we truly embrace the idea that our reputation, character, and influence were declining each time we were late, we’d design our lives for timeliness, not flakiness.” Good stewardship of our life, means we will be good stewards of our time. Be on time! Make it part of your DNA vibration!

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