April 29, 2019

Apply Your Learning in Ways That Will Positively Impact Your Life!

As I wrote this article during the lunch beak of the second day of the I Ching Artworks training event in Toronto, I found a quiet spot alone to debrief and reflect on the content of the morning sessions.

I am grateful for those who are filling in at home while I am here at the event. I am also grateful for the surprise opportunity to speak from my perspective to the entire group on a topic I was given as I walked to the front. I am thankful for the expressions of appreciation and gratitude by those in attendance for what I shared.

At the morning break I had the opportunity to share my response to the question, “What do you do?” I cannot really explain the excitement I felt as I was able to express my answer in a clear, concise, passionate manner. The two people present, responded, “Wow, I wish I could respond to the question as you did. Thank you Joel Bauer for your patience and training that enabled me to understand and express what it is I do in a way that was not only competent but also reflected who I am.

I am also thankful and grateful for the visible expressions of love, compassion and serving in a non-judgmental atmosphere that have been exhibited this weekend. I am also grateful for the challenges which came about as a result of attending this event. Be careful what you wish and pray for, you just might get it. On the first morning of the event, I drove to the training expressing the intention, desire and prayer that I would have the opportunity to grow in my understanding of universal truth. I left with the challenge of applying new information into both a Biblical world view model and a scientific model. This is some of what I believe God has been calling me to do. I have some homework to deal with, which I know will in fact be the answer to my original request.

Who are you? Where do you want to go in your life? Make sure you make wise choices now that will move you in the direction of fulfilling your purpose and living your destiny as a good and faithful servant of your Creator. Apply your learning in ways that will positively impact your life!

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