April 27, 2019

Don’t Grant Impatience the Energy to Dominate and Manipulate Your Life!

Yesterday as I was waiting to see the doctor and the clock was ticking for a significant amount of time past my scheduled appointment, I found myself sing the words to a song I learned decades ago. By the way, I was not singing out loud, simply in my mind.

The words to the song begin with, “Have patience, don’t be in such a hurry.” My doctor’s appointment was in the heart of downtown Toronto where large crowds of people stream into and out of the subway station and the train station within blocks of each other. They are all in a rush to get somewhere. Patience is an asset in such an atmosphere.

I wonder how many people sitting in the various waiting rooms of the hospital are there, because they failed to properly deal with the stressors in their life? They became frustrated, anger and impatient with things in their life. I know my health challenges resulted from such a foundation. My wife reminded me on the drive home about that very thing. I take responsibility for my poor handling of stress a few years ago. Today I seek to be more responsible in how I treat my body, the abode of both my spirit and God’s Holy Spirit.

As we drove home in heavy traffic it was easy to spot where impatience is a controlling influence in the body behind the steering wheels. I am not sure what this one individual thought my wife should do, based on the traffic in front of us, but he displayed his finger at us as he attempted to passed us. Again the words of that song flittered through my mind, “Have patience, don’t be in such a hurry.” Don’t grant impatience the energy to dominate and manipulate your life!

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