April 26, 2019

Pursue Now, the Minimization of Poverty in Realistic Ways Worldwide!

The concept that there is deception related to choice is much more prevalent in our world than is often known. I often see someone posting on Face Book that if all the money spent on weapons of war were spent on the poor, poverty could be eliminated in our world. While this seems like a reasonable assumption, the reality is this is a deception of choice. It is a limiting lie that leads to a result that is the opposite of what is intended.

The attempt to completely eradicate poverty is self defeating. We live in a world where there is a battle of spiritual forces that impacts this world and those who live in it. People choose which side of that conflict they will align with and that set the stage for what takes place on this planet. When a goal is so overwhelming, people are defeated before they start. It would be much more useful and beneficial to seek the minimization of poverty. This is a goal that people can personally achieve and is collectively attain.

The causes of poverty are multiple and complex. Situations and circumstances happen in life. Natural disasters and economic challenges take place that wipe out material assets and leave people without resources. Wars and acts of violence devastate and create innocent victims.

In the end, mental, emotional, psychological, financial and spiritual damage will still cause people to make poor choices which cause poverty. There are people whose internal belief systems are so warped and damaged they will, whether intentionally or unintentionally, sabotage their life and return to poverty. It is an habitual way of life for them.

Remember, Jesus whose purpose was to bring freedom and life both on now and eternally, acknowledged the fact that there would always be those who were poor. Not everyone will make wise choices. This is one of the consequences of free will.

Implementing strategies to specifically help individuals to build faith and hope and make practical choices that will improve the quality of their life and benefit society as a whole is a target that is worth working towards. This is what minimizing poverty is all about.

I want to express appreciation and blessings to those who are pursue Now, the minimization of poverty in realistic ways worldwide!

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