March 29, 2019

What Promises of God Do You Discover in a Rainbow?

When ever I see a rainbow I use it to think of God’s promises as outlined in Scripture. A promise was given with the first rainbow, but my response is more in alignment with specific promises God has made that relate to my life. In this moment I am thinking about Psalms 23. This is a passage we are working through Sunday mornings to uncover truths which are often missed in this significantly urban world today. As I began to ponder the opening verse, “Yahweh is my shepherd, there is nothing I lack,”or “there is nothing I fail to have,” I began to ask, “what does this mean in terms of our faith in God’s provision for our lives as the Shepherd?”

This is a topic I will be addressing at Grace Church of the Nazarene in Shelburne, Ontario on Sunday March 31, 2019. The service will be lived streamed at: at 10:30 a.m. EDT and the message will be live streamed on Face Book Live at approximately 11:00 to 11:05 a.m. EDT.

We will be considering the elements of what faith and trust look like in relationship as revealed in God’s Word. These are two things which are high on many people’s list for a healthy, lasting relationship. I am not going to provide any specific spoilers at this time, because benefits often are found in the expression of commitment to our learning and growth in life. Come and join us, or at least watch the replay. You could also wait for the book to be published some day in the future.

What promises of God come to mind for you, when you discover a rainbow?

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