March 28, 2019

Warning! Life Happens, Be Prepared!

What would you do and why? Please share your response to this scenario. You know the bridge, a half a mile down the road from your house has been washed out. The sky is clear at this time. Do you go out to the road and warn drivers about the danger ahead? Do you assume someone else will warn them? Your ability to make a phone call to some authority to deal with the situation is not an option for you. What action, if any will you take?

I know this is a hypothetical situation, but when you consider how many times we must make a choice to be involved, or stay uninvolved in various circumstances, it is not an isolated, or rare occurrence.

How casual are we in our response when something is about to happen? By that, I mean are we passionate about the response we make so that others know the situation is important and worthy of their attention? Discerning the right way to communicate to gain the attention of the person being warned is key to a positive outcome.

As an individual whose spiritual gift is prophet, I have spent significant effort seeking to temper my approach to what it is that I say and do. Whether an individual is called as a prophet to foretell, or forthtell, the challenge is still the same. Finding a balance that is best for each situation so that the respondent will engage and make the right decision for their life is important.

The Old Testament is filled with accounts where the prophet spoke and very few listened and the consequences were dramatic for many people. There is the always present option we face, “who do you listen to?”

Sorting out the false and fake from the truth is not always easy. Developing a set of convictions to guide our life based upon universal principles and truths may be helpful, but only if we will follow them. The Holy Spirit will guide us if we are open and willing to listen. Something to consider as we face the challenges of daily living in this world. Warning! Life Happens, Be Prepared!

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