February 25, 2019

I Am Not Sure What I Should Do! Really?

As I thought abut the article for today, all day yesterday I kept coming back to the same idea. Each time I did I rejected it. Finally I was forced to ask my self why I was rejecting it. The real reason was something I did not want to face because I did not want to admit I was facing a challenge and it would be easier to ignore it and hope it just went away quietly. Have you ever been there? I have, and this is not the first time in my life. I am not sure what I should do! Really?

I could simply say, “you cannot teach an old dog a new trick,” but I know that is not true. I could also say, “I already have enough things on my plate” and that would at least be somewhat true. I could say, “If I sit on this for a while, it will go away on its own.” That would also be true, but I do know that once I pass the 48 hour mark, I face a different set of consequences that may be far more negatively impactful than I really want.

Let me say, I am in this moment, in a place of decision because I made a choice previously. That choice involved not just purchasing a book, but also paying, what is not a large amount of money, that has a training component with it in relation to this book I just received. I briefly flipped through the pages and my immediate response was, “You got to be kidding, I will never be able to figure this out, it is like a foreign language.” There was almost an instantaneous response of fear, doubt, and paralysis towards any future action. Yes, I know I can choose to decide, this is not for me and step back from my commitment and sidestep the negative fallout, but that does not resolve the issue that quitting before I start means I lose the chance to gain the benefits of moving forward in this totally new and uncharted opportunity in my life.

I write this article, because there may be others, regardless of your age, who may be facing a similar situation and choice in their life. In such a time, it is a wise thing to use your imagination and consider what the potential outcomes might be if you attempt to move forward, or chose to walk away and quit. I would suggest, you consider both negative and positive consequences to whatever might be, in as many scenarios as possible, before you make your final answer.

This is what I will do overnight as I seek clarity beyond my own feelings and limiting beliefs. The clock is now ticking on my 48 hour window for action. Life is always exciting when you make the choice to live it. As my mentor Joel Bauer says, “In most instances people will supply the answer to their own question, in how they set out the question.” Hmmm! Good to know! I guess I should just read this article again to find out what my answer will be!

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