February 24, 2019

Always Remain Positive, Prepare, and Be Ready for Tomorrow!

As I write this article in preparation for February 24, 2019, I have no idea what to expect in terms of tomorrow’s schedule. Environment Canada has warned of freezing drizzle overnight, along with a high winds. Winds are expected to be up to 70 kph overnight. The freezing drizzle will change to rain tomorrow morning with winds rising to 110 kph around noon. The temperature will drop very quickly, turning the rain to snow. At this moment we are under a snow squall watch, which may be updated to a snow squall warning with a caution it could be further updated to a blizzard warning.

Since this is happening on a Sunday, there is always the tension that exists between moving forward with plans for a church service and keeping people off the roads and safe. There is also the realization that should we cancel our service there will be some people who will go out into the weather to attend a service somewhere else. I remember the criticism I received a number of years ago when the weather was really poor. We cancelled the service. Someone complained that while almost all the churches in town were closed, the local curling club continued with their tournament.

I share this post today, because I suspect that most people have no idea about the politics and pressures that go on behind the scenes in the daily workings of the Kingdom of God. The reality is, people’s lives and safety are involved and choices do matter.

We just made the decision to have my wife drive the almost two hours tonight to be with my mom. She is very nervous about this coming storm and does not want to be alone. It is important in such situations to be in control of your emotions and the vibrational frequencies which you put out in times like this. You do not want to attract a worsening scenario. Move forward with calmness and preparation. Candles are found and strategically placed with matches. Flashlights have new batteries installed. We have three gas fireplaces that will provide heat if the power goes off. We will fill some pots with water, because we are on a well. This post should at least go out to our email list should there be some challenges. The sun will rise in the morning and the day will proceed even if the wind blows and the snow comes. Always remain positive, prepare, and be ready for tomorrow! Blessings to each one and stay safe.

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