January 30, 2019

The Perfect Alignment Of Your Life With Pure, Selfless Love

In communication of any message, written or oral, it is important to use words in ways which can be understood by those you are attempting to reach with your message. Over my more than 50 years of experience, the percentages of people in many areas of the world who are interested in learning and engaging in the process of allowing God’s Word, the Bible, to provide inspiration, practical training, and a foundation for relationship with God, has been declining. The level of understanding of basic Biblical content and principles among people of all ages is also declining.

Currently I am working through the process with my congregation of teaching what Jesus really was desiring for His disciples to learn when they asked Him to teach them to pray. “The Lord’s Prayer” is far more than a simple recitation, it is a powerful template we can use whenever we pray. You can watch the video replays and the live services at: www.SayYEStotheRelationship.com. In addressing the concept of God’s holiness and our call to be holy as He is holy, I was challenged to work on changing the languaging I would use to transmit the meaning of words like, “holiness” and “holy” more effectively.

The goal must be to find words that transmit the same energetic level as found in the Bible and carry the same underlying meaning as the original language as well yet speak to people who have lost touch with understanding of the words found in Scripture.

The phraseology I am adapting, for this moment, in speaking of “holiness” is, “The perfect alignment of your life with pure, selfless love.” Jesus is an impeccable human example of a holy life for those who are looking for someone to model.

I would be interested in your feedback from all levels of Biblical understanding, regarding building a bridge between the word “holiness” and its description as, “Perfectly aligning your life with pure selfless love.”

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