August 21, 2018

Time passes quickly. It certainly did not take long to zip through 47 years. From anticipating a wedding to celebrating another anniversary. Yet it seems upon reflection that much took place in that short time. The question always before us: What will we do with the rest of our lives?

There are options as to how we will respond. Will we continue to dream and seek to be productive and be a blessing? Will we become bitter and blaming for what we think we missed in life? Will we become fearful and complaining? Or will we be grateful, thankful and joyful for a new day and a new opportunity to demonstrate the power and love of God to those around us?

You will find all the above options being expressed in the lives of those who are a generation or two older than you are. Just pay attention for a few moments. Remember, you reap what you sow. SO, sow carefully!

Since I do have to address a 47th anniversary, I have things to do in living my life. Make sure you have a terrific day and enjoy your now.

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