May 31, 2018

I was rereading portions of Dr. David Hawkin’s book, Power vs Force and came across an enlightening portion. Dr. Hawkins was writing about a chart called, “The Map of Consciousness.” The calibrated levels in the chart “relate with specific processes of consciousness – emotions, perceptions or attitudes, world views and spiritual beliefs.”

Dr. Hawkins goes on to write, “Contemplation of the Map of Consciousness can, for instance, transform one’s understanding of causality. As perception itself evolves with one’s level of consciousness, it becomes apparent that what the world calls the domain of causes is in fact the domain of effects. By taking responsibility for the consequences of their own perceptions, observers can transcend the role of victim to an understanding that ‘nothing out there has power over you.’ It’s not life’s events, but how one reacts to them and the attitude that one has about them, which determine whether the events have a positive or negative effect on one’s life, whether they are experienced as opportunity or as stress.”

The SEE Method of Living builds upon a foundation of personal accountability and responsibility in Step One. Transformational freedom and expression is a choice you accept or reject. What you think, believe, say and intend will determine your actions creating an energetic awareness level from which you will both view and live your life. If you do not like what you see, SHIFT your mindset so you can ELEVATE your energetic awareness.

In so doing, you potentially provide the opportunity to ENHANCE the quality of your life. What would your life look like if that was your reality? If it is something you desire, make it happen!

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