May 29, 2018

Yesterday morning I had the privilege and opportunity to make a presentation on some practical aspects of The SEE Method of Living. Later in the day I began to think about the interconnectedness and interdependency of the three key steps to the system. It was in that moment I realized, in a new way, there is One who is much smarter than I am who created and brought this system into being. I am simply a conduit through which it has been revealed.

I now understand why I resonated so powerfully, having an AHA moment, when it was if the pieces almost magically appeared.

As I continue to work with the three steps and the components, their increasing levels of depth and connection to universal truth keep unfolding and revealing themselves. I truly had no idea in the beginning how powerful and all inclusive the gift I had been given really was. In fact I likely still have no idea how much more is still to be revealed.

In this moment I am acutely aware of the fact, to whom much is given, much is also required. I am accountable to implement and use the tools and processes that have come into my life for specific reasons. The opportunity to receive specialized training through the mentors who appeared in my life was no accident. Their insights, gifts and experiences, which they shared, were part of a plan that is greater than the sum of each one of us individually.

As I sit on the deck swing, hand writing the original copy of this article, I am aware of the Divine Source that is guiding the flow of words the pen is writing.

The SEE Method of Living is more than a system. It is more than the grouping of practical and beneficial ideas. At its core and in every nuance of its expression, it is a revealing of a way of life and living that is not new, but universally continuously relevant to Truth.

It is connected to the Source of all Truth as inspired and revealed in the past. For those who need clarification, it does not replace the Word of God as manifested in what is identified as The Holy Bible.

The SEE Method of Living is purposed to allow for the universal principles of truth instituted by the Creator of all, to find application and relevancy in the world in which we live today. As a result, individuals may know the benefits and blessings of saying YES to the relationship with the One to whom all power and authority in heaven and on earth is given.

I encourage you to SEE for yourself, what is being revealed for you through The SEE Method of Living.

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