April 27, 2018

Truth is something that is being called into question in our world these days. There are those who are seeking to manipulate the thoughts and opinions of the masses to believe that truth is what they are being told and conditioned to accept as such.

Wake UP! Be Alert! Become aware of what is taking place all around you right now! The influence of mind control through media, and other means, is impacting your ability to think clearly and SEE what is going on. The processes used in the 1920’s and 1930’s in Germany were significantly successful and they are even more powerful and sophisticated today. They are also being used with increasing intensity right now.

We were reminded over and over by Joel Bauer during our Master Class Training of the importance of telling the truth with authenticity and proof. This applies not just to those who may be speakers and presenters, but to everyone in the living out of their daily lives.

For those who have said YES to the relationship with God through Jesus, the concept is incredibly important. We are representatives of the One who is “the Way, the Truth and the Life” (John 14:6). Our lives ought to reveal the power of universal unchanging truth. This will only happen when we know who we are and live in a committed relationship with a sense of purpose and authenticity to the One who created us. We become the proof of transformational freedom and its expression for others to see.

When we live congruent with universal truth, there are far reaching consequences. Stand up for truth! Live in truth! Be truth, so you can show its proof!

Someone is depending upon you and your commitment to do so. Their life, now and beyond, depends upon it.

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