March 1, 2018

I had the opportunity to be part of Joel Bauer’s One Year Online Mentoring4Millions program. Yesterday, Module 52, the final one in this series was recorded. Joel Bauer poured his whole heart and life experience into making this PhD level training available to those who would take advantage of the opportunity. Now this training will be evergreen for those who truly want the opportunity to learn from the “Mentor’s Mentor”.

I must admit my challenge in the process was coming to the place where I could get out of my own way and believe I could connect to my true passion and purpose in life. Then, move forward in the fulfilment of my destiny with an clear and specific picture of what that really was.

Joel’s course is far more than a marketing course, though every element in this area is incrementally and clearly set out. Nothing is missing. His mentoring process was, for me, a transformational growth and personal development opportunity.

Coming to that AHA moment of realization, my life and experience held the key to birthing and bringing to light the key steps and elements of The SEE Method of Living was life changing. This epiphany did not happen quickly for me, it took time. I knew there was an answer, my answer, that related to who I was, and my life, so I persevered and moved forward with Joel’s training at my level of consumption. I lost count of the number of times I reworked my answer, seeking to go deeper to get to get to the core of the basic question, “What do you do?” I literally filled pages and pages of lined paper.

I am now in the process of going back to work through a majority of the modules to be able to passionately connect The SEE Method of Living for the benefit and empowerment of others.

Joel’s closing words at the end of module 52 today resonated very powerful for me. He said, “This is your life and you design it. Be responsible.” And then he asked, “Why are you doing, what you are doing?”

If you found the answer and solution to that question in your life. What you paid for the training would be worth it and much, much, more. AND there is so much more to be found in the training if you implement. As Joel stated today, “Make the time for that which grows you. Appreciate your life. Decide to live.”

Joel’s Mentoring4Millions training excludes politics and religion. How does a person who has lived five decades focussed on spirituality from a Biblical foundation connect to what Joel congruently lives out in his training? For me, very easily!

The intention of this article is not to provide a testimonial about Joel Bauer. But I do encourage you to consider how you might learn how to be the best you possible. You can check out the lowest possible pricing for his one year online mentorship training currently available at:

If you are willing, please tell him I sent you. Blessings to you.