March 26, 2018

In a couple of days it will be eight years since I made a decision which changed my life for the better. This week will mark the anniversary of when I received a cd set titled, “Your Wish Is Your Command. After listening to the training, I became a member of the Global Information Network on April 28, 2010.

A lot has happened over those eight years. I have travelled to parts of the world I would never have dreamed of seeing. I have met wonderful people from all over this planet, many of whom I am privileged to call friends. I have been encouraged, mentored, and blessed by those within, and outside the club. There are others who have criticized and de-friended me, both on social networks and physically, because I was a member and continued to be a member. The last group questioned my integrity and my faith for because of my decision. I realized a long time ago, they never really knew me, or understood my commitment to the path of truth and to God and His Word.

These eight years have been an exciting, Holy Spirit lead, journey of discovery. I have had the privilege to represent Jesus to individuals I would never have met, to share insights with others who were turned off to God and His Word, to pray for people and situations I would never have dreamed of earlier in my life.

One of my blessings has been the challenge to go deeper in God’s Word to find answers to questions I might never have even considered. I have been called “preacher,” “pastor” and friend by people alienated by negative experiences with those who called themselves “Christian.” Opportunities have been mine to connect with people who, many in the “church,” would label as “new age,” or other negative labels. I have been able to provide a listening ear of understanding on their expertise, without condemnation, to discern truth they believe in, that is in fact Biblical in foundation. Being able to agree to amicably disagree on some things, without denying my faith, or putting someone else down, is a gift I believe God has provided as part of my journey. It has opened a door to continued opportunities to influence others for Jesus.

I know there are those who would demand to know names, dates, and numbers of individuals who have specifically “been born again” as a result of my time in the Global Information Network, as justification for my decision. How do I know this, because they have. However, I don’t, and never have been, a pin head counter. I believe it is my responsibility to represent Jesus, as best as I can, where ever I am, with honesty, integrity, and love. It is task to “sow and water and God’s to give the increase.”

I really never have been committed to a specified lingo in the representation of God’s Word and truth. I am however extremely committed to the validity, inspiration and application of the principles and truth of God’s Word. I believe in the power of the sacrifice Jesus made on the Cross of Calvary to reconcile God and humanity and the benefits of that action to provide life, both abundant and eternal, to all who will say YES to the relationship with God through Jesus, the Messiah. If you ever attempt to say, “I am soft on sin, or avoid speaking about the ‘blood of Jesus,’” then you do not know me or have not paid close enough attention to what I say.

My journey with the Global Information Network began with a decision and it continues with a decision. My journey has prepared me for the process of building out The SEE Method of Living, knowing it is grounded in a Biblical foundation and also aligns with universal truth as it is applied into all areas of life. My desire is, you will SEE and experience it for yourself.

March 25, 2018

Yesterday afternoon as I thought about all the various things that I needed to get done before tomorrow and all the other things I wanted to get done, I became so tired I went to bed for a short nap. Have you ever felt like that? By the way, the nap helped.

There are times when the best thing you can do is give your body and mind the opportunity to refresh, so you can move forward with renewed vigour and enthusiasm. Your passion and purpose requires energy to catapult you forward in life.

Take care of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. It is important. I remember a saying which was being expressed when I was much younger than I am now. It said, “I would rather wear out for God than rust out for Him.” Over time, I came to the realization there is no honour in abusing your health “for God’s glory,” cutting short the value of extra years through taking care of your body.

If your focus is to cram your life into as short a period of time as possible before your body returns to dust, you are really missing out on the quality of life Jesus came to provide now, on your way to the eternal.

The SEE Method of Living involves discovering and applying insights to improve your health in every area of life. This is why some practical tools are mentioned in the training. I share what I have found beneficial. The list is not exhaustive, but it provides enough ideas you can then research the many options available to find what resonates and works for you.

My desire is for you to be the best version of you possible. To Shift your mindset to achieve transformational freedom and expression, Elevate your energetic awareness for the full deployment of your inherent potential and Enhance the quality of your life, living your purpose, fulfilling your destiny, leaving a lasting, positive legacy.

Demonstrate your best for the benefit of others, realizing you are really serving God as you do.

March 24, 2018

I realized yesterday with the schedule of the last number of days I had not read from Dean Del Sesto’s book, Shift Your Thinking. Perhaps it did not come to mind because the last time I read it I had set it in an out of sight out of mind location. The first words I read when I picked the book up were, “Effort x Failure = Just about anything you want.” The comments which followed related to our response to what we perceive as situations of failure in our life. Do we beat ourselves up with negative self-talk, or do we use what has happened as a learning platform to move forward in our life?

Dean asks a question at the end of his article. “Is how I view failure sabotaging my future potential?” He suggests, “Failure is nothing more than a unique opportunity to become a better, more aware human being.”

In thinking about these ideas, I went looking for a book I had on a shelf in my library. I actually found it where I thought it might be. The pages in my copy have yellowed with time, but the truth of its contents still rings loud and clear. This book was written by Ted Roberts and titled, Failing Forward.

I opened the book to the Forward and Ted was writing about an encounter he had with a gentleman where he was asked the question, “Can God use a failure?” Ted’s response, “I don’t think He uses anything but failures! We have all fallen and come short of the glory of God.”

Failure is only defeat when we stay on the mat for the count. Many a fighter has got back up after being knocked down and gone on to win the match. What we think, believe, say and intend in every situation matters, because it impacts our actions which determine the outcomes in our life.

Whatever you may be facing right now in your life, don’t quit. Remember its not over until you are victorious. As people who have said YES to the relationship with Jesus, we know the end is certain. WE WIN!

March 23, 2018

Aesop tells a story about a shepherd boy who was lonely and sought attention. He decided to holler “wolf” in an attempt to get that which he was lacking. At first the villagers would run to help him. One day there actually was a wolf, but when he called for help, no one believed him and no one came to his aid, His flock of sheep was decimated by the wolf. A warning often given without cause is soon simply ignored by everyone.

I do not know what it is like in the area where you live. But when a car alarm goes off, even in our small town, people only pay enough attention to confirm it is not their car making the noise. No one investigates. What was designed for a specific purpose is ignored. Should there be a car being broken into the alarm would not help. People have become conditioned as a result of the many false alarms.

Unfortunately this applies to the expression of universal truth principles as well. Many people have been hurt by someone whose integrity did not demonstrate what it was they were supposedly representing. The result, those who have experienced this type of situation look at the world and those in it in similar light. They no longer are open and responsive to truth from any source.

It would be good to examine our lives to determine whether we have shut down because of past experiences. Remember we are 100% responsible for our responses. It would also be wise to evaluate our actions to be sure they are congruent and in alignment with truth so as to not negatively impact those around us.

Consider doing something that will encourage someone and lift their spirit as you journey through your day. In the process you will not only be a blessing, but will likely be blessed as well. Don’t just holler “wolf” for no reason. Instead, demonstrate integrity of purpose and human kindness.

March 22, 2018

In a conversation recently with a friend (thank you Kim) the topic turned to a book written in 1896 by Charles M. Sheldon, titled, In His Steps. I dragged out my copy to have a quick review of its contents. The copy I have is the “Complete Authorized Edition” with a forward by the author. This book was given as a gift to my aunt almost 60 years ago with a hand written message and dated inside. It was gifted to me about 45 years ago.

The story in the book was published in weekly segments initially and related to a world of a different time period, but the underlying truth is universal. There have been rewrites of the book to attempt to make the setting more modern. Also, a campaign to promote the message of the book was started (WWJD), more than a decade ago now.

In case you do not know the message of the book, it was about asking the question, “What would Jesus do?” During the WWJD campaign much criticism was levelled from all quarters, both nonchristian and Christian, about how applying this question before taking action in your life was inappropriate and theologically unsound.

In The SEE Method of Living, the Second Step in the training is to “ELEVATE your energetic awareness for the full deployment of your inherent potential.” Our perception and discernment level of truth is tied to what David R. Hawkins has labelled the “Map of Consciousness.” He writes in his book, Power vs. Force, “The calibrated levels correlate with specific processes of consciousness – emotions, perceptions or attitudes, world views and spiritual beliefs.”

Many who read this article may not understand what I am about to share. That is okay, take what you can in this moment and come back to this thought in another point in time. Napoleon Hill in his writings refers to the importance of being part of a Master Mind group. Look up his understanding of what that is, not what you think it is! He also references the value of seeking insights from what he labels a specifically chosen group of people, which he calls a council. Members of the council should be part of your Master Mind group.

Would it not be a good idea for someone who has said YES to the relationship with Jesus to consider including Jesus in their council and Master Mind group? What you think, believe, say and intent matters because it impacts your actions, which determine the outcomes in your life. The principles revealed in God’s Word will give you incredible insight regarding the question, “What would Jesus think, believe, say, intend and therefore do?” The key is in getting to the place where your relationship is so intimate and close to Him that you know the principles by which He would respond.” Study God’s Word for yourself. Develop energetic insight and awareness as you put yourself into the scenes, as an actual observer, of the events described in Jesus’ life. When you can do this, you will have your answer to the question, “What would Jesus do?”

Charles Sheldon was revealing insight into a very power principle for God’s people to live by, many years before Napoleon Hill identified it. It is interesting that Charles says in the foreword he wrote for the Authorized Edition of his book, this material was first presented to the young people of his church. Imagine the difference it would make, if the youth of today were given the opportunity to learn the insights and universal principles of truth and their application to daily life. Perhaps they might then be in a place where they could fully deploy their inherent potential.